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Chat session hosted by (in association with the Isaac Asimov Foundation on 11 April 2000.

*** Terry has joined #auditorium

<Zirak> I want that

<Terry> Hi, guys

<PurpleButtNoid> I don't suppose there are plans to release the illustrated one over here?

<Laevolus> Hi terry

<azimuth> i want an oompa loompa.

<ThomasPratchett> Ah,, would this be the man himself?

<Trina> Hello :)

<PurpleButtNoid> Please?

<azimuth> hmmm

<pretty-blossom> hi

<jAyton> hello!

<azimuth> suspicious

<Zirak> Hellom Terry

<PurpleButtNoid> hmmmm...

<ThomasPratchett> Mmm... after the last Terry-fake we had in here...

<azimuth> but naive as usual...Hi Terry

<Terry> A bit early, but what the hell...

<ThomasPratchett> Fair enough


<dave> Hello Pterry

<pretty-blossom> are you in america noww

<ThomasPratchett> 'lo Terry

<azimuth> i want a goos e that lays gold eggs for easter

<Mona> Hello

<moogie> Hello from Moogie

<ThomasPratchett> How are you?

<Terry> Yep, Ben. No, folks, I'm back in the UK. the jetlag had just worn off, and now...this:-)

<Mona> Be hard to pick up for the kiddies, though. Gold can get heavy.

<Laevolus> not bad, yourself?

<azimuth> I want to lock it allup in my pocket it's my bar of chocolate

<pretty-blossom> In UK?!? at this hour?

<azimuth> well. i have no idea what to say now that he's here

<MASTER-TEPPIC> sorry to have you up so late then Terry

<Terry> Sure. Good tume for writing. No phone calls.

<Cyril> is Terry Pratchett really here?

<Martin> try .nl, an hour later...

<ThomasPratchett> Pretty: yes, some of us are that insane :)

<Moderator> We're about twelve minutes away from beginning our chat. Just a reminder, once Gardner Dozois of Asimov's joins us -- this will be a moderated chat

<ThomasPratchett> Who?

<azimuth> so is he or isn't he in here?

<Mona> I think he is.

<Trina> Azimuth, yes. hush

<Laevolus> az: who do you think Terry is?

<ThomasPratchett> *sigh* Terry = Terry Pratchett

<azimuth> yes, ma'am...

<Moderator> He's our host. He'll join us at 9PM

<ThomasPratchett> hth hand

<ThomasPratchett> I see

<Terry> Started rehearsals yet, Thomas?

<azimuth> i know i sounded really clueless, but we all have a lost little puppy inside that needs the occasional spanking

<ThomasPratchett> In the next week or two,

<Laevolus> now there's a mental image I didn't want!

<ThomasPratchett> last minute re-writes at the mo, thanks for asking

<Lacrimosa> Evening...

<Mona> Hi.

<Lacrimosa> <Lacrimosa>oops

<Terry> Can you remind me of the dates? The diary is getting busy.

<azimuth> (SLAP!) YIP YIP YIP

<ThomasPratchett> oh! you meant 303

<ThomasPratchett> um.. i don't know yet

<PurpleButtNoid> okay, so I'm outta the loop... rehearsals for what?

<azimuth> oh, i'll listen now...

<Kieriahn> Who is Thomas Prachett?

<Coldstar> hallo all

<ThomasPratchett> when I know, I'll e-mail them to you

<Trina> he is -->

<Kieriahn> And where is my rolled newspaper

<Gardner> Hi, all!

<PurpleButtNoid> evidently his son or somesuch

<azimuth> yip

<ThomasPratchett> I thought you meant our thing for CCDE :)

<Terry> Hah! He's an alleged cousin.

<Shadow> rehersals for Mort: The Musical... headed soon to a Broadway theatre near you... or near Broadway, anyway

<Trina> Is there to be an unofficial channel for gasbagging in?

<pretty-blossom> he hasn't got a son

<Kieriahn> Hay Purple, great name

<PurpleButtNoid> really?

<Lacrimosa> Any European people staying up really late or just having got up, being as confused as I am...?

<ThomasPratchett> "alleged"? hmph :)

<PurpleButtNoid> thank you

<azimuth> ah! allegra!

<Gilad> -------------<brb>-----------

<Zirak> Hello Trina

<poweredic> yea im in europe....

<azimuth> oh, god, i need to relax

<Trina> Hello Zirak :)

<Terry> Hi, Gardner. Ready when you are.

<pretty-blossom> yes, in Israel

<Kieriahn> I should have gotten some take away for this.

* jAyton hesitantly admits to being in Europe

<Gardner> Hi, Terry. I suppose we should light this candle.

<Lacrimosa> <Lacrimosa>'veeery tired*

* Laevolus does as well

* Martin too

<catwalk8> Stewart?

<Lacrimosa> <it's 3 a.m here.

<poweredic> here 2

<Gardner> What is it there in England? 2a.m.?

<Laevolus> yes

<ThomasPratchett> just about

<jAyton> Wow... it's only 2:51 here. :-p

<Martin> 3 am in nl

<pretty-blossom> looks like this chat had to take place a little later

<Lacrimosa> <Lacrimosa>2 in England, 3 in Sweden...

<PurpleButtNoid> I've heard there is a 3rd game in the works. True?

<Trina> and 11am in Au :)

<Terry> Nearly. But I had a few hours sleep earlier on.

<azimuth> 5 p.m. in alaska

<becky> 6PM in California

<ThomasPratchett> purple: the third game's out

<marvelgirl> me2 azimuth

<Gardner> Boy, fantasy writers are TOUGH! <g>

<ThomasPratchett> it's called Discworld Noir

<Lacrimosa> <Lacrimosa>*making coffee*

<PurpleButtNoid> in the states?

<PurpleButtNoid> whatsit for?

<ThomasPratchett> PC

<ThomasPratchett> should be out there

<Shadow> Noir is selling well on eBay, from the looks of the bids...

<PurpleButtNoid> oh... I'll have to look for it then.

<poweredic> when... is the meeting?

<Gardner> Moderator, anytime you're ready, you can let 'er rip.

<pretty-blossom> when does the Noir come out world wide?>

<Lacrimosa> <Lacrimosa>Anybode knows anything about Good Omens the film?

<Kieriahn> Purple... where can I get the past games?

<azimuth> you know, i'd love to stay, but really, i've been waiting far too long, and i've got to run. bye, everyone, and love your books, Mr. Pratchett

<Gardner> In a second, we're going to become Moderated--a unique experience for some of us!

<PurpleButtNoid> I got mine at the good ol' flea market.

<Martin> ooh

<Coldstar> so, Thomas, you are Terry's son or something? did i hear that right?

<azimuth> on second thought...

<ThomasPratchett> cousin, not son

<Laevolus> bye az

<Coldstar> ah, sorry

<Moderator> Okay everybody, I guess we'll go "Moderated"... Don't be shocked if suddenly you feel like your screen has frozen

<PurpleButtNoid> okidokey

<Terry> I want this rumour scotched RIGHT NOW!:-)

*** Moderator sets mode: +m

*** Moderator sets mode: +v Moderator

*** Moderator sets mode: +v Gardner

*** Moderator sets mode: +v Terry

<Moderator> Gardner...Can you type?

<Gardner> Well, Terry, how does it feel to have all earthly dross burned away? Nothing but a data-stream now, eh?

<Moderator> Terry?

<Terry> Better than all the shouting, yes:-)

<Gardner> Still, better than being a brain in a tank with tentacles to type, I suppose! <g>

<Moderator> Okay. Lemme run down just a bit of business

<Moderator> Science Fiction ( and hosted by Asimov's editor Gardner Dozois. Asimov's stories have won dozens of Hugo and Nebula Awards. If you aren't reading Asimov's you're missing a treat!

<Moderator> A word about our drill. This is a moderated chat. If you have a question for Terry, send it to me "Moderator" as a private message. I'll be happy to pass it along.

<Moderator> Did the intro come through Gardner?

<Gardner> So, Terry, to start off, how did YOU get your start? In writing, that is?

<Gardner> I think it did, Mod.

<Gardner> (I assume you were born, etc., first, like most of us.)

<Terry> Initially, by being a fans. You know how it is. You hang out at cons, you see writers in the flesh, you think 'I could try that'.

<Terry> Being born did help, yes.

<Gardner> You think, "Look at those boozy fools! I could do better than THAT!" <g>

<Gardner> Did you start out writing fantasy?

<Terry> I liked reading it. It was really as simple as that.

<Gardner> So you were a big fantasy reader, then?

<Gardner> What were your favorites?

<Terry> I read just about everything. Really.

<Gardner> Well, we have a ton of audience questions, but before we get to them...

<Terry> Hmm. I liked writing fantasy, but mostly I read sf. Still do. It's a good idea not too read too much in your own genre

<Gardner> I want to exercise my interviewer's priviledge to tell you that my wife, who is a big fan of yours, wants me to tell you to write more Granny Weatherwax novels.

<Terry> Everyone wants me to write more of everything, but I'll do my best.

<Gardner> Okay, Moderator, let 'er rip.

<Moderator> What, you can't go years without sleep while writing at the top of your form :)

<Gardner> He CAN if he's a brain in a tank!

<Moderator> Many people want to know about this one...

<Moderator> azimuth> to <Moderator>: any word on the Good Omens movie?

<Terry> Sleep I need. It's amazing what else you can manage without:-)

<Terry> Re the movie...Neil and I are keeping well away from it, so I'm hardly a spokeman. Things are happening, but I don't really known any more than you.

<Gardner> Will it star Arnold Schwartzenneger as Rincewind?<g>

<Terry> In Good Omens, that might be a little tricky...

<Moderator> <laughing> But not impossible!

<Moderator> Here's another question...

<Moderator> <Coldstar> to <Moderator>: Terry, I just got done reading The Colour of Magic for the second time, but my all time fav is Reaper Man. How did you get the idea to put the Grim Reaper in as one of the main characters in your books?

<Gardner> He may well be in the book before Hollywood gets through with it!

<Terry> For Hollywood, I'm afraid, possibly not.

<Gardner> GA, Terry.

<Terry> Well, Death got put into TCOM for a gag, and kind of hung around. He's such a useful character.

<Terry> I was surprised at the way he developed, too.

<Terry> That being said, there's limits to what can be done with him as a character.

<Gardner> You say you read more SF than fantasy when younger. Did you ever think of writing satirical SF instead of fantasy?

<Terry> No, not really. I though that Harry Harrison wrote the book, the book in question being 'Bill The Galactic Hero'.

<Moderator> Terry. Here's a question worthy of an answer...It's been keeping the questioner up at night

<Moderator> <AA> to <Moderator>: I was at a signing recently, in Portland, Oregon, and my T5E was signed 'Love and shmaltz.' What exactly is shmaltz? It wasn't in my dictionary!

<Gardner> Obviously you're playing to a gentile audience.<g>

<Terry> Oh, boy? Never had schmaltz?

<Terry> Okay. It's a kind of glistening fat, but also has come to mean...oh, a kind of smarminess, I suppose.

<Gardner> In a literal sense, schmaltz is chicken fat.

<Gardner> Over-the-top emotion.

<Terry> Helps the food slide down well.

<Gardner> Did you like HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE? SF satire.

<Terry> Yeah, that's right. Oscar-ceremony stuff.

<Terry> HHGTTG? I thought it was great. Still do. But I think Red Dwarf is genuinely sf *and* funny.

<Moderator> Let me slide in with another audience question

<Moderator> <Lacrimosa> to <Moderator>: <Lacrimosa>Terry, I just re-read The Coulor of Magic and can't help bun wondering what's going on with Death and the Patrician...seems they both suffered from severe personality split at the time ;) So when did Vetinari become Patrician, and will we learn anything more about his background in the upcoming novels?

<Terry> Whatever happened the the HH movie, by the way?

<Gardner> Terry, it'll be along Real Soon Now.

<Terry> I am planning a novel which will be a prequel, to an extent, but it's a few books hence. Got other things to do first.

<Terry> RSN, eh? That's going to be a busy day:-)

<Moderator> A reminder, we're chatting with fantasy writer Terry Pratchett. Tonight's chat is brought to you by SciFi, and by Asimov's Science Fiction ( This is a moderated chat. If you have a question for Terry, send it to me "Moderator" as a private message. I'll be happy to pass it along.

<Gardner> How DO you manage to write so many novels?

<Gardner> It's staggering! (And very depressing for the non-prolific!)

<Terry> Application. But mostly by having been a journalist. And partly by being nervous about stopping. A writer who isn't writing is just a bum:-)

<Gardner> No, he's an editor! <G>

<Moderator> And on that note

<Moderator> <Coldstar> to <Moderator>: Will Death ever have more friends, other than Death of Rats? Well, i know they are not really His friends, but other accomplices persay? It would be great to have a death of pies or something of that nature!

<Terry> That's why I make a start of the next book on the same day I finished the last one. Only a few notes, maybe, but I'm Working On Something:-)

<Terry> Who knows? Death of Rats turned up as a joke, now he's a popular character. Death of want fries with that?

<Gardner> Death of Fries?

<Gardner> Do you see any influence from Monty Python on your work?

<Moderator> A tale of food that lived too fast

<Terry> Of course, you don't normally meat pies who are alive, although I seem to remember that the pork pies sold late at night in UK cons back int the Sixties came close.

<Gardner> Hey, I ate some of those! They were horror, though, not fantasy!

<Moderator> Obvious they were at the wrong con

<Moderator> Here's another

<Moderator> <RugbyRich> to <Moderator>: Terry has mentioned in the past that he will soon take a break from writing discworld novels. That was a while ago now, and it has failed to materialize. Is he still planning it, and if so, when?

<Terry> Python? No. Only insofar as they're part of the general evolution of humour. For UK readers, I'd say that Miahcel Bentine, one of the original Goons, was a bigger direct influence.

<Gardner> And, of course, the Goons were a big influence on Python too.

<Terry> Okay. It's like this. After a lot of messing around over the years, I suddenly find a publishing team behind me who are trying to sell books in the US.

<Gardner> Probably Douglas Adams was influenced by some of the same people too...

<Terry> All the old backlist is coming back into print, and so there will certainly be two more DW novels before I move onto the next project.

<Terry> This isn't a hardship, but it helps backlist if there's some frintlist as well.

<Gardner> He's taking over Orson Scott Card's Ender books next.<g>

<Gardner> Which WILL be a bit of a shock for the fans...

<Terry> Back on influence...who can say? People like the Goons or the Pythons infleunce the very culture you grow up in.

<Gardner> Other than Pythonesque, your stuff is often discribed as being like the stuff that used to run in UNKNOWN WORLDS. Any direct influence?

<Gardner> I could easily have seen a story like "Troll Bridge" being run in UNKNOWN, for instance.

<Terry> Back on the books...I'm probably going to write one or two 'Young Adult' books afrer the next two DWs.

<Terry> I'm proud you think that. Unknown was great

<Gardner> I thought so too.

<Terry> I've only read the two anthologies, though.

<Gardner> In fact, I still buy good UNKNOWN-style stories when I get them.

<Gardner> Never seen any from YOU, though! <g>

<Moderator> Let me slip in another audience question

<Moderator> pretty-blossom> to <Moderator>: when does the Noir come out world wide?

<Terry> Stories like 'Yesterday was Monday' or 'The Gnarly Man'...I've love to have written them. But short stories cost me blood. And Unkown-type stories are too easy to do badly.

<Gardner> Well, if you do one goodly, let me see it!

<Terry> Noir? Dunno. The company that wrote it then went straight out of business because someone owed them a lot of money, I heard.

<Moderator> Ouch

<Moderator> Then let's try this question...

<Terry> It was all rather sad, and I don't know what the hell is happening.

<Moderator> Ratinox> to <Moderator>: *wanders in with a box of Corgi Press paperbacks for Terry to sign* Big question: When will Captain Carrot and Angua get married?

<Terry> Marriage...well, it's a big step:-)

<Moderator> A reminder, we're chatting with fantasy writer Terry Pratchett. Tonight's chat is brought to you by SciFi, and by Asimov's Science Fiction ( This is a moderated chat. If you have a question for Terry, send it to me "Moderator" as a private message. I'll be happy to pass it along.

<Terry> I have ...certain plans.

<Gardner> Oh no! Not...THAT! <g>

<Terry> Anyway...the tour was fun. *Almost* like a UK one this time around.

<Moderator> Gosh...So secretive <g>

<Moderator> <Lacrimosa> to <Moderator>: <Lacrimosa> Your novels are translated into a lot of languages. When you write, do you ever thing about what an ordeal you are putting the poor translators through? I mean, it would be hard to find novels with more un-translatable jokes...

<Terry> Well, has taught me the uses of silence:-)

<Gardner> Asterix is no fun for them either...

<Terry> Sometimes I write a few notes for translators, and some of them keep in touch. But, no, I can't write *for* them.

<Terry> In the case of Asterix, in the UK at least, I suspect the translators add a lot of the books.

<Terry> Sorry, I mean 'to' the books. the jokes work so well.

<Gardner> Some of the puns obviously don't translate.

<Gardner> You hit a line where they say something, and it makes no sense at all.

<Terry> I don't write that many puns, contrary to belief. In any case, there are other puns.

<Moderator> Terry...This is a question that many people are asking in one form or another

<Moderator> RugbyRich> to <Moderator>: Will there ever be a planned end to the Discworld series? (God forbid) Is it something you've thought about?

<Terry> Oh, yes. No planned end.

<Gardner> And then the sun went nova! The End.

<Terry> Obviously there will be, one day, a book which is the last DW book, but I won't have *planned* it that way.

<Moderator> So there isn't a final manuscript in a bank vault to be opened 50 years after your passing?

<Gardner> You will be expected to make a witty remark about Death on your deathbed, you know! <g>

<Terry> If I did, I'd probably want to bring it back a year later...

<Terry> 'Boy, am I glad to see you'?

<Moderator> 'Nother audience question from more than one source

<Gardner> Better than "Either this wallpaper goes, or I do!"

<Moderator> <MASTER-TEPPIC> to <Moderator>: to terry via moderator : any more collectors edition dw books planned?

<Terry> I belive so. It's an easy way of keeping hardovers in print.

<Gardner> What did you think of the computer game version of DISCWORLD?

<Terry> But, look, it's a hard enough job just keeping up the writing and the touring and the letters writing...some of the stuff I just have to leave to the publishers.

<Moderator> I want to remind everyone that we started a few minutes early...and it's almost 3AM in the UK. In about twenty minutes we'll wrap up

<Terry> The games? Pretty good, I though. Noirs interface needed some work, though.

<Gardner> Did you ever play it?

<Terry> Yep. Played all of them. Felt weird. My world should not present me with puzzles:-)

<Gardner> I thought that Eric Idle was a pretty good choice for Rinewind.

<Terry> Ideal. He just took over the script for all the Rincewind bits in DW2.

<Terry> He's got the right kind of fed-up voice...

<Moderator> 'nother question...

<Moderator> <pawnman-99> to <Moderator>: one of my favorite passages was the ordeal in which Rincewind was to be dangled over the end of the world to determine the Great Turtle's sex. Where did you get the idea for this experiment?

<Terry> Search me. It just seemed to me that people or the DW would be curious about such things:-)

<Terry> After all, if you're on the back of a turtle, there are things you just feel you need to know...

<Moderator> <Moderator>: to terry via moderator : will there be a new edition revised and updated dw companion?

<Terry> Yes. But I like to have a lot of input into these things, so it will have to wait until I have time.

<Moderator> And along the same line...

<Moderator> <Lacrimosa> Any more spin-off stuff like Nanny Ogg's cookbook?

<Terry> There has to be a bit more than just an assemblage of what has already been in the books.

<Terry> Well, we did the cookbook mostly to raise money for the Orangutan Foundation, which is has done rather nicely.

<Terry> There may be more stuff, but nothing is planned.

<Gardner> You have any casting suggestions for Death? Granny Weatherwax?

<Terry> I keep out of that stuff. But the UK is *full* of older actresses that could walk right into the GW role.

<Moderator> Let me slip in another audience question

<Gardner> They'll probably get Madonna.

<Moderator> Azrael> to <Moderator>: what were your thoughts about 'Science of Discworld'? Did you enjoy ALL of the novel, and feel it was done rather well, or the 'real' part was lacking?

<Terry> Hmm. In another forty years, if she's learned to act...

<Gardner> Don't worry. Her recording of the soundtrack theme will be a hit!

<Terry> Sod: well, I wrote only the bits with the wizards in, and obviously it had to be plaited in the the science bits. If I'd done it as a straight novel, it would have been a bit different.

<Terry> I was happy with it for what it was, though.

<Moderator> We have many question comments along these lines...

<Moderator> MASTER-TEPPIC> to <Moderator>: to terry via moderator: do you think nanny ogg or the burser would mind having port in the dried frog pills ony i thoght it tasted better than rum essence

<Terry> We've been talking about a SoD2, which could be done...but we shall see.

<Terry> The world is your mollusc.

<Moderator> Also the Gateway convention seems to be coming up alot :)

With questions like this one...

<Moderator> <Aziraphale> to <Moderator>: Since I'll be seeing you at the Gateway convention, is there anything you won't sign?

<Terry> If you need dried frog pills, you can have what you *like*:-)

<Terry> like.

<Terry> I generally stay outside the bikini line. What did you have in mind?

<Moderator> It's stuffing those signed bikinis that always causes problems

<Moderator> Here's another question

<Moderator> <Locke> to <Moderator>: How do you feel about the GURPS Discworld material? Do you feel it handeled the feel of the series well? Also, are there any plans for other game tie-in's for Diskworld?

<Terry> I was very pleased with most of the GURPS stuff. I didn't get involved in the scenarios, but the feel of the rest of the book was right.

<Terry> I tweaked the text a bit for the look of the thing, and did a bit of fututr-proofing.

<Terry> No *other* game plans, no. A board game gets suggested about once a week, but I am not enthusiastic.

<Moderator> Terry, nay people want to know if you see a fundimental difference between the UK market and the US market? Has invading the US changed your work at all?

<Terry> No, I don't think so. The reacent tour was an eye-opener, though.

<Gardner> In what way?

<Terry> For one thing, the queues were bigger than I was expecting, mostly. The crowd at B&N in NY was about three times the people I had at all three NY signings in 1996.

<Terry> Now there's talk about more tours...

<Gardner> Do you think that that's because the computer games have now given you more exposure over here? Or more American releases?

<Terry> About which I have mixed feelings, while years are still made with only 52 weeks in them.

<Gardner> Here's one I want to know: What writers do YOU like? And do you like funny stuff, or Non?

<Terry> No, I don't think the games have done it. Harper have got behind the books more in the last few years, though. I think they found out how many UK editions were being imported!

<Terry> Thomas, you *know* I like thrillers -- Westlake, Hiaseen, Brookmyer, people like that.

<Terry> They can be funny, but I don't read trhem just for laughs.

<Moderator> The stacks of The Fifth Elephant in the stores here in California are impressive. Serious displays

<Gardner> You're newest book, which you're supposed to be flogging here, is THE FIFTH ELEPHANT. Want to tell us a bit about it?

<Gardner> <Don't forget to hold a copy up for the camera!>

<Terry> Well, it's a Watch novel. Pretty dark. Lots of chases. Werewolves. People called Igor. That sort of thing.

<Terry> [holds of copy] see?

<Gardner> Bruce Willis going to star in the movie? <g>

<Gardner> <whistling> hey, that's some cover!

<Terry> Sorry...getting a little tired here...

<Moderator> Okay everybody. In fairness we must let Terry go to bed now. Terry, thanks so much for joining us

<Terry> Actually, there could be worse Vimeses than Willis. I shall just have to sit and think who they could be.

<Gardner> Well, Terry, we have literally scores of questions left for you, but we should probably take pity on the fact that it's 3 a.m. there and let you go!

<Terry> Oh, I can leep going for a while, if there's lots more.

<Terry> I think I meant 'keep' there....

<Gardner> After you've gone, Terry, I'll take the questions and just MAKE UP the answers...

<Terry> Although I could leep, too.

<Terry> What a thought. I'll stay! I'll stay!

<Moderator> Terry. Your fans would keep you here until dawn!

<Terry> Still a few minutes to 3am here...

<Gardner> Well, try to compromise sometime between now and dawn.<g>

<Moderator> Let's try this as a final question...

<Moderator> <Aziraphale> to <Moderator>: If there was any single book you wish you could have written, which one would it be?

<Terry> Whoops. First thought is: The Evolution Man, by the late Roy Lewis.

<Terry> Did that ever appear in the US?

<Gardner> I haven't heard of it, for what that's worth.

<Moderator> I think it did

<Terry> Brian Aldiss selected it for the Penguin SF series in 1960. Every character in the books is a caveman, but it's genuine sf through and through.

<Terry> It tends to go in and out of print.

<Terry> Oh dear. So many books, so little time!

<Terry> So..we stop the conference formally, now?

<Moderator> Maybe the next time it's reprinted it needs an introduction by Terry Pratchett to send it soaring up this lists!

<Moderator> Yes. Our hour has passed

<Gardner> Did you ever think when you started out that you'd end up as one of the bestselling writers in Britain?

<Moderator> You've been a wonderful guest

<Terry> It had that last time. Sold a few, in a literary edition.

<Moderator> And we've had a great audsience

<Moderator> Before I open the floor I want to remind everybody

<Gardner> You're welcome to stay if you'd like, but you've done your duty officially, and are free to go if you want to.

<Moderator> that this conference was co-sponsored by Asimov's Science Fiction


<Gardner> Go there and subscribe, and I'll keep nagging Terry for stories! <g>

<Terry> Thanks. It's been fun. athough as a means of communication that Chatting is like whistling in Morse Code...

<Moderator> And in two weeks Asimov's will be presenting a panel of this year's Nevula Award nominees.

<Moderator> Same bat time

<Moderator> Same bat channel

<Gardner> Come back two weeks from now for our pre-Nebula Award Banquet chat!

<Moderator> G -- Shall I open the floor?

<Gardner> Go aheasd.

<Azrael> what book did you feel you put your complete heart and soul into??

<Aziraphale> TERRY - Banana daiquiris at Gateway, we'll booze and become alcoholics together!

<Ratinox> The Evolution Man; Or, How I Ate My Father is out of print in the US.

<Moderator> The floor is open!

<PurpleButtNoid> Wahoo! That was pretty good!

<Laevolus> TERRY!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! :-0)

<Gardner> Open? It's more like the Oklahoma Land Rush!

<elsajeni> is Carrot really as innocent as he seems?

<Ferragus> Thanks Terry! Gardner and our faithful Moderator! Great chat!

<Plumm> GATEWAY is all about SCREW!!!!

<DiskDaemon> COmminucation in chat depends on how it's conducted. A strictly moderated manner does letten massively the amount of useful information that can flow back and forth

<Brett> and badly run too, others asked you questions not put and others had multiples sone

<Uileag> Hmmm. The floor is open. I do hope no-one falls in.

<Supermous> Someone I know and like has recently left the employ of the british nuclear industry and I now have an idea of why there won't be an autobiography any time soon...

<Shadow> open? *taps floor* feels pretty solid to me.

<Moderator> Funny...I was thinking Oklahoma too

<Supermous> Thanks Terry. I appreciate the effort.

<Aziraphale> Oklahoma RULEZ!

<pawnman-99> Thank you Terry!

<Lancaster> I try not to think of OK, I grew up there :)

<PurpleButtNoid> indeed, go to bed

<Zirak> thanks Terry

<DiskDaemon> Terry - about Vimes. We've seen a lot of him in your books from a personal internal perspective. What can you tell us about future plans for him?

<Gardner> If you ask him questions, you have to give him time to ANSWER, you know. <g>

<elsajeni> thanks Terry!

<Azrael> i can just see terry reading these msgs and laughing cos he can't get a word in edgewise... thanks for the great talk!!

<Terry> Re Gateway: maybe no to the daquiries -- if they're proper ones, you shouldn't feel really well until teatime the next day...

<jAyton> "Please join us -- Aziraphale is not here."

<Mona> This place free yet?

<Moderator> Alas and alack I have a birthday party to attend. Gardner. See you in two weeks. Terry. Thanks so much. This was a wonderful chat

<marvelgirl> thanks Mr. Pratchett

<Zirak> Terry will you be doing any book signing in Canada? Also what is your favourite DW novel?

* Laevolus doffs his virtual cap to PTerry <G>

<pretty-blossom> good night and thanks Terry

<bucky> did I miss anything about the Good Omens film?

<Terry> I think a signing in Canada in the next year is likely, yes.

<bucky> <<<<<just got here

<Avriel> Greetings and meetings and things worth repeating . . .

<Azrael> what bout AUstralia??

<DiskDaemon> bucky - Terry is standing well back on the GOod Omens film - he knows about as much as we do right now

<Zirak> Thats GREAT!!

<Lacrimosa> <Lacrimosa>Terry, what actors would you personally like to see in a DW film?

<Shadow> bucky- he knows as much as we do. Not much ;)

<Aziraphale> TERRY- I don't think people in St. Louis can make "proper" Daiquiris. That means you'll be vomitting for a good 48 hours after drinking one.

<PurpleButtNoid> Aaak! Let the man sleep so's he can write up somemore novels! (Not that thats all he's good for) :-)

<Terry> And Australia...probably.

<marvelgirl> Alaska?

<becky> Good morning Terry, and I hope the kids let you sleep in tommorrow.

<Lacrimosa> <Lacrimosa>Will you be touring Europe at all?

<Azrael> oops, now you've stuck your foot in it...

<Gardner> Once you're a brain in a tank, Terry, you won't NEED to take time for sleep! <g>

<Terry> The trouble with touring is that lots of countries now want tours. You can have tours, or you can have books.

<Aziraphale> TERRY- Do you see yourself just ending the Discworld series in the future and moving on to create something new?

<PurpleButtNoid> books

<pawnman-99> I can just see that, Gardener.

<DiskDaemon> And Pterry can't write the books while he's signing...

<Lacrimosa> <Lacrimosa> OK, we'll take books please...

<Uileag> Sod the tours. More books. :)

<Gardner> Books first, tours second, Terry.

<Ferragus> Night Terry!!!!!

<Azrael> any sequel planned for the lost continent

<Trina> it was *last* not lost

<Terry> Except the Australian ones. They're tough, but fun.

<DiskDaemon> Yet the fans want the tours - there is that _something_ about having one of your heros (bad word that) do something personal for you...

<Lacrimosa> <Lacrimosa> Imagine chatting on Hex. Although of course it would be tricky since there's just one of

<pawnman-99> He could write the books piecemeal as notes while signing. Then we all get together back here and put the book together.

<elsajeni> chatting on Hex? yikes.

<PurpleButtNoid> Yes, why don't you do for Antarcitca? *jk*

<elsajeni> scary thought, Lacrimosa

<RugbyRich> Or on clacks towers

<pretty-blossom> are you coming to Israel some day?

<Terry> I've spent about 17 months of the last ten years on tour...

<Supermous> so little pTerry... so many fans...

<PurpleButtNoid> oi!

<elsajeni> clacks towers might be faster than my computer, you never know...

<Lacrimosa> <Lacrimosa>*lol*

<Lacrimosa> <Lacrimosa> Althoug I guess demonology would be the DW equivalent of computing...right?

<Terry> The publisher in Israel is always too late, unfortunately. the diary here fils up more than a year ahead for the traditional publishing months, so there's never time.

<RugbyRich> We should clone Terry, one for tours and one for writing.

<Martin> Terry: thanks for the effort you gave here tonight, i hope you don't feel as wrackd as i do...

<Terry> Bags I being the one who stays at home, then.

[Note from Jamas - Terry continued chatting after this point, but the person who caught this was cut off. If anyone has the rest of the chat, please let me know. I have some bits below:]

<Aziraphale> Do you ever "play" with your discworld figurines?

<Terry> If by "play" you mean dress them in bondage gear, the answer is yes.

<Terry> Granny Weatherwax with a dildo gag and a spreader bar, there's a fantasy.

<Terry> For some, I mean, Not necessarilt me.

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