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The L-Space Librarians who maintain this site are often asked the question: "Can I use your scanned art on my own web site?" The answer is that that permission is not ours to give, but can really only be obtained from the artists themselves.

In theory anybody downloading, possessing or distributing one of these files could get sued by Terry Pratchett, the artist, their publishers, or, if you're extremely unlucky, by all three.

The chances of this actually happening are suitably minuscule, because of the relatively low quality of the scans, because of the harmless nature of grass-roots, non-profit fan web sites, and because most of us don't do silly things like scanning in the entire Discworld Mapp or every page of the Portfolio.

As far as we are concerned, you can go ahead and use our thumbnails and scans (though source credit and a link back to the L-Space Web would be very much appreciated) on your own web sites -- but please do be aware that our permission means exactly zero. Please also note that this does not imply permission to just go ahead and re-use any other content and files you may find on this web site (see also our Copyright section).

The Covers

Credits are at the bottom of the page (and will become more detailed in future versions of this section). Clicking on a thumbnail leads to a larger version of the cover.

This collection of cover art is by no means complete. If you have access to a scanner and to books not featured here, we welcome your submissions (requested format: 1200 pixel high 90 % JPEGs). Please contact Leo Breebaart beforehand, in order to avoid duplicating work.

Discworld Covers:

The Diaries:

Related Material:

Non-Discworld Books:

UK Cover Artists :

Graham Higgins : Mort, A Discworld Big Comic, Guards Guards Graphic Novel
Paul Kidby: Pratchett Portfolio, The Diaries, Death's Domain Map, A Tourist Guide to Lancre, Nanny Ogg's Cookbook, Gurps Discworld
Josh Kirby : virtually everything!!
Stephen Player : The original Colour of Magic, The Streets of Ankh-Morpork, The Plays
© Cosgrove Hall : Soul Music CD
© LWT Productions : Johnny and the Dead TV tie-in

US Cover Artists :

Doug Andersen : Guards! Guards!
Jill Baumann : Mort
DKS(?) : Strata, Wyrd Sisters, Reaper Man, Guards! Guards!
David Frampton & Charles Kreloff : Good Omens
Carl D. Galian : Maskerade
Daerick Gross Sr. : The Colour of Magic Graphic Novel
Thomas Kidd : Equal Rites
Lissanne Lake : Men At Arms hardback
Steven Ross : The Light Fantastic Graphic Novel
Michael Sabanosh : Small Gods, Soul Music, Lords and Ladies, Feet Of Clay, Interesting Times
Peter Scanlan : Witches Abroad hardback
Walter Velez : Wizards Of Odd

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