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Cygwin - usage

Before you run make, you will need to run configure

Using Bash, navigate to the directory you have chosen as your lspace working directory. Presumably you will have already copied all the files you checked out using WinCVS to this directory.

Now, type in the command


This sets up your local working version of lspace.

At the prompt type in


This will create html pages from the h4 files.

Yes it's as easy as that. On the first time only, you may be prompted to 'configure'(unless you followed the above instructions), but these are fairly straight forward questions. If you are just using Cygwin/make to prepare html files for local checking and validation, then you may accept the defaults each time.

It is best to run make within the root directory of your working area for the first time, i.e. run make in the directory D:\WwwRoot\lspace for example. Thereafter you can 'cd' to the directory you are working on, then run make. This is far quicker, and easier than running make on the whole directory, just to create one html file.

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