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These are specific macros that insert a link to the bibliography page for the corresponding book.

_BOOK_TCOM produces <a href="_BIBLIO/the-colour-of-magic.html">The Colour of Magic</a>

_BOOK_TCOM : The Colour of Magic
_BOOK_TLF : The Light Fantastic
_BOOK_ER : Equal Rites
_BOOK_M: Mort
_BOOK_S : Sourcery
_BOOK_WS : Wyrd Sisters
_BOOK_P : Pyramids
_BOOK_GG : Guards! Guards!
_BOOK_E : Eric
_BOOK_MP : Moving Pictures
_BOOK_RM : Reaper Man
_BOOK_WA : Witches Abroad
_BOOK_SG : Small Gods
_BOOK_LAL : Lords & Ladies
_BOOK_MAA : Men at Arms
_BOOK_SM : Soul Music
_BOOK_IT : Interesting Times
_BOOK_MM : Maskerade
_BOOK_FOC : Feet of Clay
_BOOK_H : Hogfather
_BOOK_J : Jingo
_BOOK_TLC : The Last Continent
_BOOK_CJ : Carpe Jugulum
_BOOK_TFE : The Fifth Elephant
_BOOK_TT : The Truth
_BOOK_TOT : The Thief of Time
_BOOK_TLH : The Last Hero
_BOOK_TAMAHER : The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents
_BOOK_TDC : The Discworld Companion
_BOOK_TSOD : The Science of Discworld
_BOOK_TSOAM : The Streets of Ankh-Morpork
_BOOK_TDM : The Discworld Mapp
_BOOK_ATGTL : A Tourists Guide to Lancre
_BOOK_DD : Death's Domain
_BOOK_GO : Good Omens
_BOOK_TDSOTS : The Dark Side of the Sun
_BOOK_T : Truckers
_BOOK_D : Diggers
_BOOK_W : Wings
_BOOK_OYCSM : Only You Can Save Mankind
_BOOK_JATD : Johnny and the Dead
_BOOK_JATB : Johnny and the Bomb
_BOOK_TCP : The Carpet People
_BOOK_TUC : The Unadulterated Cat

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