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Directory Location Macros

The following are used to create links to the various directories of The L-Space Web. You are encouraged to use these macros rather than any other form of cross linking.

Please note that these macros never expand to something that ends in a slash. Therefore, it is entirely normal to use a construct such as:


but this also means it is required to write:


if you want to refer to just the section itself.

This is not because otherwise it won't work, because it will (the web server adds the missing slash), but it makes for a tiny bit of extra load on the server, and it shows up in the link-checking as a 302 error ("page moved").

_ABOUT_TERRY :- _URL/about-terry
_AFP :- _FANDOM/afp
_AFPA :- _AFP/announce
_APF :- _BOOKS/apf
_APPLETS :- _URL/applets
_ART :- _URL/art
_BIB :- _BOOKS/reviews
_BIBLIO :- /books/reviews
_BOOKS :- _URL/books
_CSS :- _URL/css
_FANDOM :- _URL/fandom
_FAQS :- _URL/faqs
_FILKS :- _FANDOM/filks
_GAMES :- _URL/games
_IMAGES :- _URL/images
_INFO :- _URL/info
_KIDBY:- _ART/kidby
_LSPACE_FTP_ROGUES :- _LSPACE_FTP/images/afp-meetings/rogues-gallery
_MERCHANDISE :- _URL/merchandise
_MISC :- _URL/misc
_OTHERS :- _URL/other-links
_POST_ROGUE :- _AFP/afptest.html
_PQF :- _BOOKS/pqf
_ROGUES_GALLERY :- _AFP/rogues-gallery
_SONGS :- _FANDOM/songs
_THIS_SITE :- _URL/site-specific/
_THUMBNAILS :- _URL/books/thumbnails
_TIMELINES :- _AFP/timelines
_WHOS_WHO :- _BOOKS/whos-who

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