The L-Space Web: Developers

Specific Sections

For use on the Other Resources page


$1 = URL
$2 = Site Name
$3 = Site Author
$4 = Description

Creates a link, followed by the author, with a description on the following line.

_OTHER_LINK(_LSPACE_WWW/,The L-Space Web,the non-existant cabal,A plethora of information)
would produce:

The following are no longer used:


Only for use within the Recipe section.


$1 = Recipe Title
$2 = name
$3 = email address
$4 = subject
Creates a custom Header for the Recipe Section.


$1 = Previous page
$2 = index page
$3 = Next page
Combined standard toolbar and footer for the recipe pages

Only for use with the DwCon pages of 1998.


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