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About the A Files



The A Files were launched in 2002, as part of's 10th birthday celebrations that year. They are intended to give people a way to put a face or voice to the name, and to satisfy curiosity in general.

Being listed in the A Files is entirely voluntary, and there are no entry requirements.

Basically, if you want to be listed in this gallery, then that's all the reason you need. In particular: subscribing to, posting to, or even lurking on (past, present or future) is not a requirement, and the A Files maintainer gladly welcomes entries from abp'ers, meet-attenders, irc'ers, significant others, and everybody else who feels connected enough to the virtual community portrayed here to want to join in.

Submission Guidelines: Primary Info

To become listed in the A Files, please send an email to the maintainer.

Your email must explicitly mention:

and it must include at least one of the following two items:

A submitted picture can be in any file format and of any size or quality. (Although larger, high quality pics are always encouraged if you have them -- the maintainer will scale and crop them down to size.)

A submitted soundbyte can also be in any file format, but its duration should probably not exceed 10 seconds, or it will just get tedious for the listener. (Higher quality recordings again encouraged -- the maintainer will take care of post-processing.)

Entries with both sound and vision are grooviest, but submissions with just one or the other are more than welcome, too.

Submission Guidelines: Keywords

In addition to your primary name and your picture and/or soundbyte, you can include in your mail a set of keywords and values that you would like to see listed in your A Files entry. Useful ones (feel free to pick and choose) are:

For examples of the use of these keywords, just browse through some of the current A Files entries. Again, specifying keywords is entirely optional (although encouraged!). Send in as many or as few as you want.

If there are additional keywords you would like to have listed with your entry, feel free to send them along, and we will see what we can do.

It is always possible to change or update the information listed in your A Files entry. This includes changing keywords or even your primary name, replacing your picture/soundbyte, or deleting your entry altogether. Just send an email and it will be taken care of.


The A Files pages are generated by a heavily modified version of the BINS photo album software.

Various bits and pieces of the A Files were inspired by the Rogues' Gallery and The 'L' Files, and by discussions on the (now defunct) Afparty mailing list.

Special thanks to elfin for his help with the XHTML and CSS coding of these pages.

Oh, and our A Files stunt-double is nameless (as far as we know), but generally referred to as "the widdle dwagon". Its image is taken from one of Paul Kidby's illustrations for The Last Hero.

This section of L-Space is no longer actively being maintained. It is only kept online for historical purposes.

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