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Alec Cawley

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Event:Needed a piccy to put up on my web page.
Location:At home
Comment:Afpcode Notes:
I\: I have tried irc, didn't enjoy it
5\ I believe Babylon 5 is a TV program. Since I no longer watch TV, I have no opinion
X\ As for 5
Afpcode:AFP Code 2.0 AC/E-UK d s++;+ a++ UP+ R+++ F+ h- P- OS-:- ?C M-- pp--- L I\ W- c B+ Cn;04+ CC PT+ 5\ X\ MT+ e++ r++++;% x++++
Soundbyte:"Hello, this is Alec Cawley's attempt to L-Space immortality. Greetings to all on afp."
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