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Location:Parents' home
Real name:Jonathan Nicoll
Home page:
Comment:The Nickname Davon (some people have asked this before) comes from Eddings fandom. I was on before AFP and I took the name of a minor character from one of the books, rather than the major characters which I assumed were already taken. As some people on AFP know me from the Eddings community, the nick got carried over.
Afpcode:AFP Code 2.0 AC-UK d s+:+ a- U+ R- F- h-- P-- OSD: C+++ M- pp--- L Iai W c- B Cn CC+ +PT+ Pu* !X MT? e r! !z
Soundbyte:"Hello, I'm Davon, real name Jonathan Nicoll. I came on afp a while ago basically to meet people, so, there I am..."
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