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Marco Villalta

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Event:Celebration of Lucia
Location:Form masters' house, Falkenberg, Halland, Sweden
Date:Wednesday, 13 December 2000, approx. 3am, after a night containing a few cups of mulled-'n'-spiced wine...
Home page:
Comment:Until my own homepage is up, you can go have a look at that of my last class. It hasn't been updated since spring '01, the first page seems to be dead, and it's in Swedish only -- but hey, don't let that stop you!
Afpcode:Afp Code 2.0 AC/(P)/E@ d+ s+:-- a1982 UP+ R+++(+) F++++ h- P- OSD: ?C M pp--- L*+ I-- W+ c+(+++) B- Cn02++CC03+ PT++ Pu62 MT+ e>+>+++ !r !y
Soundbyte:"I am Marco Villalta. And you... well, take a guess.
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