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Event:Maskerade photocall in the Cavern at the Discworld Convention 2002
Location:Hanover International Hotel, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK
Date:Saturday, 17 August 2002
Comment:Works with PCs, mac user by choice, rabid costumer at the last minute. Eventually, I will actually start working on the ideas I have months in advance... well... months in advance. Instead of not sleeping for a week before the con and becoming the Sewzilla.
Afpcode:AFP Code 2.0 AC>UL-UK d--(++) s:- a- UP+ R^ F+ h+ OSX--:+++ !C MPK pp+ L+ Ia**++ c B+ Cn+++ CC95(02) PT+++ Pu* 5! X? MT? e>++ r%/+++ x++
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