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Afparty Buttons and Signatures

Afparty Buttons

Buttons by esmi and elfin:

[72 x 72, 2.9 Kb]
[118 x 62, 4.1 Kb]
[160 x 40, 3.4 Kb]

Buttons by Daniel Goldsmith:

[88 x 31, 2.5 Kb]
[88 x 31, 5.7 Kb]

Buttons by Adrian Morgan:

[196 x 44, 16 Kb]

How to use these buttons

  1. Download the button image you want by choosing your browser's equivalent of the "save image as..." function. Please don't link directly to the images here.
  2. Copy and paste the following code somewhere into your page, making sure to substitute the correct filename and button dimensions:
    <a href="">
    <img src="<put-button-filename-here>" alt="Afparty Button" 
     border="0" width="<put-button-width-here>" height="<put-button-height-here>">
  3. Upload the button image and your edited page to your site.

Afparty ASCII art

ASCII art by Daniel Goldsmith:

The Hedgehog Caravan:

\\\\\\    \\\\\\    \\\\\\    \\\\\\    \\\\\\    \\\\\\    \\\\\\
\\\\\\\   \\\\\\\   \\\\\\\   \\\\\\\   \\\\\\\   \\\\\\\   \\\\\\\__o
afp: Giving Usenet Articulate Cocaine-Snorting Butterflies Since 1992!

Can you do better?

We would love to see other people try their hands at creating afparty buttons, or logos, or slogans. Feel free to send all your efforts to us at

The Afparty effort and web pages are coordinated by Karen/hypatia and Leo Breebaart,
who always welcome suggestions, questions and new afpmeet organisers and attenders.

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