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That newgroup in full

In case you're interested (which you're probably not) this is the original newgroup message for My choice of wording in the newsgroups line was a little ill-advised.. let's just say that there apparently really is a market for pubic wigs. Oh, and sorry for the embarrassing signature on this post. I was young...

From Thu Nov 17 09:21:09 1994
Control: newgroup moderated
From: Moderator <>
Subject: cmsg newgroup moderated
Message-ID: <>
Sender: (Mike Knell)
Organization: UK Centre for Lemur Fandom
Date: Thu17 Nov 1994 12:50:00 GMT
Lines: 21
Xref: uunet control:1388195

As discussed and agreed in and fielded in alt.config, here's the newgroup message for (moderated).

Group status: moderated
Group submission address:
Moderator contact address:

The purpose of the group is for low-traffic announcements concerning things Terry Pratchett-related, which would otherwise have got lost in the mists of a.f.p, and also to provide an information newsgroup for those people who don't want to follow the group religiously to catch interesting things. Enjoy! --

For your newsgroups file: Announcements about pubic wigs and book signings.

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