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v0.34, 22nd August 1996

Mike Knell,, AFPA moderator.

  1. The name of the Newsgroup shall be
  2. The Newsgroup shall be moderated to keep bandwidth down, and to redirect followups into Moderation is not intended to be a restriction on subject matter.
  3. Suitable subjects for posting on include:
    1. Book announcements.
    2. Plays and stuff.
    3. Anything Terry cares to post. [1]
    4. Signing tours.
    5. Important results of a.f.p. research projects (merkins, bread products, but only the important stuff, no really)
    6. Anything else announcementish.[2]
  4. Postings that the Moderator deems unsuitable will be returned to the sender with an explanation as to why and suggestions as to how it could be made suitable. Submitters who feel their articles have been unjustly rejected may ask for the article to be reviewed by a co-moderator, who will make a final decision as to whether the article should be posted or not. The Moderator shall be bound by this decision.
  5. The Moderator shall apply a light moderation policy, just to stop the signal-noise ratio and keep things fairly announce-ish. Followups shall be set to
  6. Martin Bridges is a silly sausage. [3]
  7. The moderation address shall be <>.
  8. Please Keep Off The Grass.
  9. Books MUST be returned before the date stamped on the card. A fine shall be payable for books which are returned late.
  10. You have won first prize in a beauty contest. Collect fifty pounds.
  11. In the event of the Moderator being uncertain about whether something's announceish or not, {s}he will pass the article to a co-moderator for their decision.
  12. Anyone concerned about forged postings in their name is encouraged to PGP-authenticate their articles using Mike's public key, available from the usual servers (ask for, or by fingering All posted articles will also be signed, with the same public key.
  13. The Moderator shall be responsible to the readership of a.f.p and a.b.p. This Charter may be modified by general concensus of the readership of a.f.p, who may also replace the Moderator if they think {s}he is doing a bad job.
  14. Go to gaol. Go directly to gaol. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 pounds.
  15. That's all, folks.

[1] The general idea is that Terry should know what's relevant..
[2] This is a bit of a catch-all, really. As long as it seems relatively interesting and announcementish, we'll post it. Null problemo.
[3] I have no idea where this came from..

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