: The Best Of AFP


Date: 21 Jul 2001
From: April-Goodwin-Smith

David Chapman wrote

Please don't swipe at me for treating you as a person rather than as a figure of awe and wonder.

And Terry Pratchett responded:

Awe and wonder? On afp? You read the newsgroup?

I do so treat you with awe and wonder. Do too.

No reeelly: Don't I think you are the Master Of The Universe and the repository of all knowledge: past, present, and future? Yes I do.

Don't I think you have Powers Beyond Mortal Men and are capable of reading my mind and anticipating my personal experience so that you can lace your works with references that only I will get? Yes I do.

Don't I adopt your one-off riffs as my personal slogan, and say "ook" and "as big as a very big thing" and "it's a million to one chance, but it just might work" in all places and at all times, regardless of the circumstances? Yes I do.

Don't I view you as my personal vending machine, and pester you for further installments of my favourite characters? Yes I do.

And that, O, MOTU with PBMM, is what Respect means to me. [1]

April. [2]

[1] - and the girls in the back go "sokittome, sokittome, sokittome, sokittome......"

[2] - do I need to put a smirkie here? I could, if you like.

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