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From: (Tim T.)
Subject: *F* Report Dutch AFP meet, or what we did on friday night
Date: 20 Jan 1996 13:02:30 GMT
Message-ID: <4dqp56$>

    Just do it, they said.. just go ahead, put your foot in it. So I
    did, and I decided to convene the first Dutch AFP meet. 

    Oh well: dutch ? Roughly one third of those present wasn't even

    AFP : no, not really, at least a quarter of us don't even have a
    computer, let alone internet access. However, everybody present
    did qualify as avid Terry Pratchett fans. 

    As proposed, we met at the Trafalgar Pub in Eindhoven, around
    eight. Unfortunately, The Fonz and I were in the back, eating, and Allan
    and Ben were in the front drinking. Took a while for the bar staff to
    track us down.. or perhaps they were just too polite (scared) to
    interupt me while I was eating.

    CMOT's T-shirts were much admired, as was the Ankh-Morpork badge. No
    ties were worn, this being a formal occasion. Introductions were made,
    and a suggestion was made that a pronunciation duel at Discon might be a
    good idea: As an example, try pronouncing van den Gruijthuijzen.. 

    Of course the discworld books were discussed, with a couple of
    interesting theories being advanced: Ben Tels suggested that Numbers
    Rictor was Simon ( I think there's a problem with timing there), I
    suggested that Rincewind only got into the university by being a faculty
    brat (he has no magic talent, no money... ), possible parents being
    Simon and Esk. (O(o)k.. the librarian may be a problem there: he gets
    turned into an orang outan at the start of TCOM, but is in ER). 

    The local Guinness was pronounced "nearly as good as in Dublin" by
    Alan, and horror stories about Guinness blasphemies were swapped. 

    We then switched to discussions of Star Trek and related matters ( no
    roundabouts, but plenty of discussions of bridges, and our old queen's
    habit of testing a new bridge after ribbon-cutting ceremonies very
    carefully with one foot..), dutch drug laws (possession of less than
    thirty grams of the weed is a misdemeanour, and they might actually fine
    you for that, if you're obnoxious enough... the weed's still not legal
    here, just tolerated.), and CO$. (they just restarted an old
    courtcase.. Doubling the defence's expense.. nice tactic)
    Random quotes:
    "In my experience, there's nothing the Brits can't ruin"
    "If you want to cheat people, you have to speak their language"
    "I'm not drunk, the seat comes off"

    Since it got past twelve, and nobody else showed up, we adjourned the
    meeting to allow Allan to sample a different dutch pub, and a couple of
    other beers: La Chouffe was pronounced to be very nice, as was the

    All in all, a good meet, a lot of fun, but it was a pity so few people
    showed up.

    And Cybercat missed the opportunity for a very good duel... Scared ?

		    A longer piece of string would be nice

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