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From: "Tim T." <>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 17:42:27 GMT
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] *F* Utrecht 1.0/NL 3.0
Message-ID: <>


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 Dutch afp-meet Utrecht 1.0/NL3.0 "Het moet er maar weer eens van komen"


    As hashed out in email, and on, we intend to
    hold a dutch afp-meet on :

    Saturday, March 1, 1997, 17:00

    King Arthur Pub, Oude Gracht, Utrecht. 

    The plan for the evening:

    - meet between 17:00 and 18:30 at the above location
    - adjourn for food...
    - Whatever.

    The King Arthur is not my preffered location for this meet (it's
    usually crowded on a Saturday night, and they close too early),
    but has the advantage of being close to the station and easy to
    find (and besides: the Jaarbeurs was already booked...). My
    suggestion is that we simply use this as a meeting place, get some
    food, and ask one of the locals for a better place to sit and talk
    and possibly drink...

    If you want to come, please email me. If you're thinking of coming
    later, also email me: I'll probably be carrying a mobile phone on
    company business anyway...

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