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From: Tom De Mulder <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] *F* Delft AFP-meet, 24/May/1997.
Date: 14 May 1997 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>


Delft 0.999 beta 1265 - also of interest to UK'ers [1]
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There will be an afp-meet in the fair city of Delft, the Netherlands, on
saturday may the 24th. We'll meet at "Locus Publicus", a pub that has 200
different sorts of beer, which should be sufficient even for afp'ers. The
pub is situated at the "Brabantse turfmarkt". We'll meet there between
17h30 and 18h30, and then go find somewhere to eat (pity there's no Burger
Thing in Delft). Everybody's welcome.

Crash space is available, you can mail Jos Dingjan
( for more details.

UK-based afp'ers, this is a good chance to meet some "continentals"! I've
done some research, and the ferry from Ramsgate to Ostend only costs UKP 15
for a return-ticket. The train from Ostend to Brussels only costs UKP 10
for a return ticket. And from there on you can drive along with me (and I
don't charge anything... ;-) to Delft.

Best mail me ( for further details (ferry/train times etc.).

See you in Delft,

1] And of course everyone else. But I can't give everybody a lift. <g>

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