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Delft 0.999 beta: Announce

From: roach@earthling.netz (Michael "The Roach" Janszen)
Subject: Del*F*t 0.999 beta 1265 (NL 4.0 final beta pre-release) report
Date: Sun, 25 May 1997 08:20:51 GMT
Message-ID: <>

On Saturday, the 24th day of May, the city of Delft got invaded by a
scouting force for the invasion party in June.

Members of this scouting party:

Alan Connell (aka The Token Irishman)
Eelco Giele
Jeroen Burger
Jeroen Wijnands
Jeroen Metselaar
Jos Dingjan
Tom(puter) de Mulder
and yrs. truly, The Roach.

(Once again, the lack of female attendees was noted and the question
raised: are the _any_ Dutch female afp-ers around? Notification to, please.)

When I arrived at Locus Publicus, several glasses of Guinness had
already been drained and a lively duscussion of all things sundry had
been going on for some time. However, out of the flow of conversation
over the next hours, I was able to make out the following topics (in
no particular order):
-ppint. and his/her/its sex(es)
-The Missing Chapter
-Mornington Crescent
-Plane Travel (i.e., airplane travel and its' hassles)
-OSs & Computers, e.g.:
-- pranks to play on colleagues
-- Luser stories
-- Comparative PC ownership history
-coffee, chocolate
- boy scouts
-Ice cream
-IDs and required IDs in different countries
-Camping and
-playing with candles
-music (everything from Classic to AC/DC)
-toilet seats and toilet paper
-Star Wars, Douglas Addams
-Movies (Plan 9, The English Patient, Spaceballs, Airport, Airplane,
   Casino Royale, Holy Grail...)
-Faulty Towers, Red Dwarf, Black Adder
-Discworld Casting
-Hale Bopp and Mr. Applewhite
-lights on streets, driving and roundabouts
-school reminiscences
-keeping your mouth shut v/s running away

This only covered the time from about 1830-0100, at the end of which
period there were still several people sitting around talking.

Locus Publicus seems to have had decent Guinness available (I don't
know, I got in too late to try it before people decided to go for
dinner), however the dinner situation took some deciding. As has
already been remarked on this ng, there is no 'crowned' fast food in
Delft, so it was decided to go and get pizza. However, the place we
went to (1900-ish) was filled up, so Jos said he knew a Chinese that
would probably be able to host the 9 of us. When we got to the
restaurant, we were very surprised to find that 'Chinese food'
consists of Enchiladas, Maccaroniy, Spaghetti, Pizza &c... However,
everyone seemed to like the Chinese Pizzas (which tasted just like
normal ones).
>From there, we went to Ben & Jerry's and had some ice - most people
opted for either the Chocolate Brownie Fudge or the Chocolate Chip
Cookie Dough flavour. After that, a pub was searched that could
accommodate nine afpers, and after some walking, found.
I cannot say anything anout what hapened after 0100, although there
were some people staying over night. 
On the downside, noone had Michelena's phone number on him, otherwise
we would have searched for a kitchen to call her...

Memorable quotes (There were very few for my taste, Utrecht proved a
much more fertile ground):

On getting to London from Amsterdam and a study on environmental best
was to do so.
Jos: Four people in a car is the best for the environment.
Jeroen W: Canoes?

Tom (visibly disturbed): This isn't a _virtual_ meet?

Jos: gring the cow to the table - let's meet the milk!

Tom: Soon people on afp will start proposing to themselves - Will I
Marry Me?

Tom: I didn't feel like getting drowned.

Jeroen W: We always play with stick-shaped objects

Tom: Classical Violence - that'd be cool.

Someone (I don't know who): Where would you get an organ made by B.S.
Jeroen W: Microsoft?

Tom: What I want is net access on the toilet

Jos: Microsoft food - still has some bugs in it.

I don't know why, but all these quotes are from the same three people.
If any of those that were there know more, pls. add, just so we can be

All in all, the scouting party is able to report that Delft has a
fighting chance to survive Delft 1.0, scheduled to take place next

penI'yIn 'ej pechep

Michael "The Roach" Janszen

The Official Michelena Riosa Testosterone Brigade
Peerless Leader of the Post-Apocapalyptic Forces

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