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Delft 1.0: Report

From: roach@earthling.netz (Michael "The Roach" Janszen)
Subject: Delving in Del*F*t (AKA Delft 1.0 - the Final Release)
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 11:35:43 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Sunday, June 22nd, an unlikely group of heroes descended on the dungeons of
Delft to throw fear and horror into the hearts of the monsters there. Fully
equipped with adventuring gear (1) and weapons (2), they gathered en masse
in the "Grand Café Verderop" from there to bring chaos into the sleepy
Members of the party were:

Jos Dingjan
Leo Breebart
Alan Connell
Robert Collier
Mike Knell
Jeroen Metselaar
Jeroen Burger
Jeremy Stark

Special guests were:

Jennifer Barber

Also attending was the official Dutch AFPMeet reporter, yours truly. (5)

The meet started at 5 p.m., when after 1.5 hours it was decided that
everyone had arrived and the weather improved a bit (it had been quite a
downpour in the meantime), some exotic food was consumed. Some people
almost earned the wrath of the innkeeper calling his Gyros Döner Kebap, but
this faux-pas in the Greek-Turkish-relations could be prevented.
After the food was consumed, the meeting moved to the Ben&Jerry's by way of
the open market place, where the long-awaited duel over Jennifer Barber was
held to the amusement of the spectators (4). However, it ended in a Draw
when both combattants almost simultaneously ran out of ammunition.
Thereafter, Ben & Jerry's once more proved that they _do_ produce
comestible ice cream; then the party decided to end the evening at the
"Locus Publicus", where the final beta had been booted.
Due to the size of the group, discussions tended to split up and move
completely different ways, so here are a few of the topics mentioned:

- someone is cancelling all EARTHLINK.COM posts, which included Rocky
- Beer (is it vegan? probably not)
- mashed potatoes and sex (don't ask!)
- follow-spots in the theatre
- aliens
- recruiting videos in Japanese
- phone systems
- T-Shirts were translated
- drink sizes
- table arrangements
- Dutch Singers
- absent afpersons
- Clarecraft arrangements
- Greek Food
- plane flights
- ISPs
- coasters were ripped to shreds
- How to pronounce "scone"
- The movie "When Harry Met Sally"

and lots of others

As the following day was a working day for some afparticipants, the first
people leaft early. However, a date for NL 5.0 was already picked: Saturday
September 6th.

Due to the size of the group, there probably were many noteworthy quotes
that bypassed me (6). Anyone to add to this is welcome...

Memorable Quotes and Events

Five minutes into the meet, the first PSION at a Dutch afpMeet was spotted

When TimT showed his rubber chicken, the possibility of Mr. Fox showing up
was mentioned, but then the meet probably moved before he found the café.
The chicken, however, was scared the whole evening and hid.

On SuperSoakers: "This is a mysterious European custom that I don't quite
understand" (Mike Knell)

About the Heineken Brewery in Toulouse, France: "That's not a brewery,
that's a missionary outpost" (TimT)

About the Verderop: "This ois a pub, Mike, but not as we know it." (TimT)

Gina compared Leo's looks to those of Adam Sandler

After the duel, TimT (who had noticed Jennifer's lack of enthusiasm) went
near her with his super soaker. "Jennifer! ... Were you paying attention?"
Jennifer looked uncertainly at the gun. "No, Jennifer, you were _not_
paying attention!" Jennifer flinched slightly when TimT pointed his gun at
her. "Because if you had been, you'd know..." TimT pulled the trigger,
Jennifer ducked "... that the gun is empty".

"I'm stirring this because it's hot, But then, it's suposed to be hot
chocolate" (Gina)

"The Danish are hard of Herring" (Jeremy)

Mike: "If you mention computers one more time..." - Jos: "...I'll reset

Jeremy: "Is this jet lag or boredom?" - Gina: "Train lag"

"Nightmare on Delft Street" (Jeremy)

We tried calling Michelena, but her phone was constantly busy (over 1
hour). After the first attempt, TimT remarked, "She is bloody well
engaged!" - Jeroen (I think): "With whom?"
After the umptieth attempt, when TimT was leaving, he finished with the
words, "Michelena is now officially engaged."

(1) e.g., umbrellas and raincoats
(2) Super Soakers of all sizes, from the Assault gun all the way down to
the derringer hold-out gun size
(3) faith and Gina are not afpeople ATM, though they show promise
(4) although Jennifer was singularly unimpressed by the proceedings and
hardly even looked.
(5) It was duly noted that - like in the first two Dutch afpMeets, the
foreign contingent outnumbered the Dutch...
(6) any anytime I made any note for this report - like names of attendees
or topics - people would look uneasily

penI'yIn 'ej pechep

Michael "The Roach" Janszen

The Official Michelena Riosa Testosterone Brigade
Peerless Leader of the Post-Apocapalyptic Forces

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