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Eindhoven 2.0: Report

From: roach@earthling.netz (Michael "The Roach" Janszen)
Subject: [F] Eindhoven 2.0 / NL 5.0 Meet Report
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 08:32:36 GMT
Message-ID: <>

"Es ist Samstagabend und die Dinge stehen schlecht,
ich bin auf der Suche nach dem weiblichen Geschlecht"
(EAV, Märchenprinz)

Well, he can be glas he didn't join Eindhoven 2.0 then:-)

Time: Saturday, September 13th, 1997. 
Place: Eindhoven, NL, "Trafalgar Pub"

Participants (flesh):

Jos Dingjan
Jeroen Metselaar
Jeroen Burgher
Joost Carpaij
Luc Cluitmans
Eelco Giele ("E-something")
Jeremy Stark
me (The Roach)

AWEL (1):

Alan Connell
Ler Breebart

Virtual participants:

Ridcully the Brown
Rob Collier
R. Bryant
Alex TEH
Gabriel Krabbe
(the OnLine Crew was hard to follow, so excuses if I missed out on someone)

With NL 5.0 the NLmeets returned back to their roots - not only was this
the fist time a town saw a repeat meet, there also once more was not a
female RL participant (2).

The whole meet (or at least the part of it I could attend) took place in
one venue - the Trafalgar Inn in Eindhoven. After quite some talking, and
some weighing the alternatives, it was decided to also eat dinner there.
After dinner, the Trafalgar PC was used to join IRC.

Up until then, the following had been consumed:

1 Spa rood (mineral water)
1 Bitter Lemon
2 Tiramisu
6 Chocolat Mousse
1 orange ice
6 Canadian Ham (3)
2 Cottage Pies (4)
1 Turkey Tournedos
5 Mustard Soup
1 set of 7 Escargots
2 large bowls of fries
24 pints of Guinness (!)

Topics discussed - in an attempt of completeness (5) - until IRC started:

ClareCraft photos were wondered over
So was the ClareCraft event (and the attraction of certain AFPers towards
big guns)...
ClareCraft figures were admired (Esp. Death of Rats and the Librarian)
MacDonalds was dissed, Food in general was discussed
Guest presents when visiting afpers were suggested
Of course, PCs (and UNIX servers, OS Wars &c) were spoken of at length.
However, this topic did take much longer than the guesstimated 8 seconds
for linguists...
Singing was perpetrated - mostly passively (6), but 'When I'm 64' was heard
from the afp dinner table a well.
Drunk dogs...
Preliminary plans for Nijmegen 1.0 were brought closer to fruition (7)
The question was raised: Are there excuses for studying/working in France?
The Swiss were uncovered to be aliens
Snail sex was discussed 
So were the effects of missing hind legs on a frog's junmping / hearing
Cars and Bicycles came up several times during the night
So did wars.
Experiences with Beer Pubs were recounted
Sometime during the evening, an invite was issued to a watching of the SM
video, but it was immediately invalidated by adding "But I haven't got any
beer at home." :-)
A Hue and search was asked for on the whereabouts of certain afposters who
have been missing conspicuously
Back to animals: The marketing possibilities of inflatable hedgehogs were
Migraines were not endured but confessed
The state of and the date (September) were duly noted
A callwent out to once more discuss the properties of the Missing Chapter
and Unclear Physics, these two Masterpieces by PTerry
Also, a new game of Mornington Crescent was proposed.
Several newsgroups were mentioned, e.g.,
Talking about games, toothpick games were extensively played by two
TimT gave tips on the holding cells in several police stations.
It was noted with surprise that names ending on '-el', such as Azrael,
Aziraphel, Raphael and Michael are angel's names, and the question was
raised, "Do Gabri-el Krabbe and the Dammer-el agree with this?"

After dinner, a connection to was created, and some of the
topics - spoken about with the typical attention span of afp - were:

pearls/perls, XTerms, Tapdancing, Horsey-rides, Laserquest, Needleworks,
Pizzas, physical Setup of computers...

Finally, the much dreaded yet eagerly expected ... <fx: drumroll> ...

"I got the fine coordination of a demolition derrick" (Jos)
"Windows 3000: Needs 45 TB, installation takes 3 months" (Jeroen)
"You can do beautiful things with a guitar and a camp fire..."
(Jeroen)(when the singing started)
When a glass was thrown off the table and broken, the first reaction was:
"Was iz empty?" (Jeroen)
"Discussing snail sex is a natural follow-up to discussing the French"
"G|N>Librarian" (TimT)
"Venlo, this is a small german town in Holland" (TimT) (8)
"This is what I grew up on..."(TimT) "...out on!" (Jos)
"It's nice to see Gravity works" (TimT when Eelco had trouble handling his
cutlery correctly)
"We're being outdone in silliness by some other group" (Jeremy) (9)
"The IRA sold all weapons, they are now buying Motorbikes" (Eelco)
"Watch out I got a loaded quotefile" (Eelco, about the writer of these
"In the right hands, this could be a dangerous quote" (Jeremy) "Don't
worry, we are the right hands" (Jos)
"This is really nice honey" (Jeremy) (punctuation deliberately left out)
"AFP is like a hedgehog..." (Jeremy) (I won't say why...)
"There's no such thing as a free launch" (TimT)

There probably are transcripts of the IRC chat around, I didn't make notes
on that. (10)

Unfortunately, the garage I had parked my car closed at 0100, so I had to
go somewhen during the IRC session.

(!) Not a footnote
(1) Absent with express leave
(2) Where are the female Dutch afpers?
(3) Ham on the bone, looked like steamed and seemingly tasted well (I had
something else)
(4) Meat, some wegetables, under mashed potatoes, baked over with cheese.
The cheese seems to have been non-original, but I tried it to see about
English (they said so) food. Rather Tasty, too...
(5) probably futile
(6) we realized why the German language calle the passive voice,
(7) See separate posting from this poster about a preliminary food and
venue survey...
(8) Dutchmen, pls. note that *he* said Holland, not me!
(9) Nah, they didn't show as much stamina as we did!
(10) Who did breathe a sigh of relief right now?

penI'yIn 'ej pechep

Michael "The Roach" Janszen (AFP NLMeet reporter)

The Official Michelena Riosa Testosterone Brigade
Peerless Leader of the Post-Apocapalyptic Forces

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