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From: Michael The Roach Janszen <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] Nijmegen afpmeet - call for votes
Date: 14 Oct 1997 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>


As orgarnizer of the next afpmeet, I'd like to tell all and sundry the

Nijmegen 1.0 to be held on November 29th, 1997 (sorry, but the 15th got
voted down during the prelim review, and I completely forgot about a family
festivity on the 22nd). 

We'll probably meet at 'Het Pumpke', a pun that serves draught guinness (a
prerequisite for a pub that wants tpo hold a meet...)

- From there, we will propceed to 
a) Laserquest foir some physical exercise
b) Some food place to replenish spent calories (or Joule or whatever)
either before or afterwards.

As both venues need to be booked (LQ *might* be full at the time we show up
otherwise, the food places in Nijmegen are too small to cater to crowds
like seen at Delft 1.0 or Utrecht 1.0 without forewarning), it behooves me
in abovementioned role to take the steps necessary for a succesful night
out. Therefore I would like to know the following from those that are
interested in showing up:

1) Would you prefer to LQ before or after Eating? 

2) What kind of restaurant would you prefer? Venues mentioned in mails
and/or scouted by me include:
- - Het Gallisch Eetcafe - gaulish ciusine (which seems a mix between French
and Belgian High)
- - Robertos - a Pizza place with really nice Pizza
- - A very good Turkish place (I don't remember the name)
- - India Gate (yes, Indian food, currys and everything - for Dutch: That's
indiaas, not indisch)
- - A similarly good Greek place (sorry again 'bout the name)

If you tell me your preference, I'l tally the votes and come up with the
lowes^H^H^H^H^Hbiggest common denominator (Tally-ho!) to make as many
people happy as possible. 
Please *do* mention if you are vegetarian, I will scout the appropriateness
of the place - some Greek restaurants would have a definite problem with
that, OTOH I know the Turkish place and Robertos do offer very nice
vegetarian meals...
For the person that wrote to me, saying 'I don't care as long as it's losts
and good': I would not chose otherwise, unless on direct recommendation by
an afper of a restaurant I don't know...

3) What would be preferred for late-night activities (Nijmegen has the last
trains leaving mighty ewarly, IIRC)? There is a music caf that opens 'till
0400, at which time trains might start again even on Sundays, I could offer
crashspace for 2. Also, if someone lives close by and able to offer
crashspace (or otherwise has access), any offers would be greatly

Hoping to see you all late november. (Yes, I also encourage Merkins to show
up - and Israelites, Italians, Sout Africans, HongKongese, XXXXians,
Martians and the aliens from MIB...)

penI'yIn 'ej pechep

Michael "The Roach" Janszen

- -- 
The Official Michelena Riosa Testosterone Brigade
Peerless Leader for the Post-Apocapalyptic Forces

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Charset: noconv


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