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Nijmegen 1.0: Report

From: roach@earthling.netz (Michael "The Roach" Janszen)
Subject: [F] Meet Report Nijmegen 1.0 / NL 7.0
Date: 30 Nov 1997 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Saturday, nov 29th, a selection from the Dutch-based afp participants
came unto Nijmegen to meet and be ga^H^Hhappy

Participants were:

Leo Breebaart
Jos Gingjan
Eelco Giele
Patrick Dersjeant
Marc Seutter (lurker / crashspace offerer)
Maleen Overkamp (ditto)
The Roach

After initial confusion was cleared up (circumstances beyond my control
had prevented me from making all necessary reservations, and it seems
that "'t pumpke" has closed down - which surprised all locals...), we
gathered in 'De Compagnie', two doors down from the original spot,
leaving a message stuck to the door. Everyone who was expected to show
up at 't pumpke did do so in the Compagnie. Unfortunately, the Compagnie
doesn't have Guinness, but aeveral bottles of Miller's Draft made people
a bit more forgiving.

From there we went to the Laserquest, which proved to be lots of fun.
The Max headroom-type environment still makes for a perfect stting for
this type of game.

Then, we had dinner at the 'Ankara', a Turkish place (the India Gate was
overfull, so we left a message with them, one person had said she might
try to join us during dinner, but we assume she never did make it to
Nijmegen after all). 

After that, it was time for those needing to get back home that night by
train to leave for the station, the rest decided that the pubs in
Nijmegen were too full to find a place to drink, so we proceeded to Marc
& Marleen's place to talk some more. Then, Cybercat slept there, while
Sierra and Eelco came along to my place, where, after some more talking,
we also caught a bit of shut-eye.

When, after breakfast, I had brought these two to the station and
dropped them off there, this meet finally ended.

Themes spoken about (in no particular order):

New Zealans (as home country of Sierra)
The chance of Pterry showing up uinexpectedly at meets
role-playing games
Patrick being a traitor (the first Dutch afper to show up at a meet with
a Psion)
Licorice turtles
Widgets and Wingnuts
American v/s British English
Spice Girls & Albert Malich 
Jingo, Hogfather, Feet of Clay
British Geography - Where is Edinburgh
A production of a Pratchett play by the Dutch afpers was considered
An internet 'phone cell' was tested and caused to crash and reboot
Thater in general
other meets
the origins of the 'Feminism' thread
The naming and numbering of the next meet
military service
where is the long-awaited and -promised afp meet web page?
current and former posters
Copyright and it's effect on the APF
children's programs
Newbie posts and forms
someone burnt some salad
Star Trek
Star Wars
models of ST/SW ships
Klingon / Esperanto / Interlingua
Internet providers
keyboard layouts
the advantages of going to meets by car
LuHu, Gid's Harem, the Michelena Riosa Testosterone Brigade
spreading of pheromones through usenet posts
"I am related to" - .sigs
afp reactions to spam
tarot and divination

Quotes (as usual pulled out of context)

"Don't worry, you'll be misquoted anyway" (Jos)

"Let us speak in Dutch, we can always say we were mis-translated"

After 1/2 hour, halfway through his first beer, Jos spills some of it.
"Drunk already?" (Leo)

Leo (about his job): "it is not a proof period."
Sierra: "Training?"
Leo: "No."
Sierra: "Probation?"
Leo: "That's more like it."

"I have worked for an American company, trying to teach them proper
English" (Sierra)

Jos (who had come in wearing a Delf uni T-shirt) takes it off to reveal
a "The trutle moves" T-shirt ... surprisingly similar to the one Patrick
wore. "Don't yopu feel like a bookend?" (The Roach)

Crossing the street at red lights: "You know, there's only green and
dark green." (Marc)

"The difference between the Damerell and Gabriel: in real life David is
nice" (Jos) - and I gathered his authorization for this quote :-)

Patrick: "Anyone have a modem for this?"
Marleen: "I might. What connector does it have?"
Patrick: "A standard ... Psion connector"

"10-Key typing on a Psion is not a good idea unless you are a
five-year-old" (Patrick)

"AFP video meet 1.0 beta" - "Not Beta, VHS" (Eelco and Patrick)

"Ouck, my earrings got stuck!" - "They get _really_ stuck only once..."
(Sierra / Eelco)

No date / place / venue for the next meet has been decided upon yet...

penI'yIn 'ej pechep

Michael "The Roach" Janszen (AFP NLMeet reporter)

The Official Michelena Riosa Testosterone Brigade
Peerless Leader of the Post-Apocapalyptic Forces

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