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Leiden: Report

From: (Patrick Dersjant)
Subject: [F] AFP Videomeet 1.0 VHS Report
Date: 04 Jan 1998 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>

't was a meet, so there has to be a report...

Patrick, Jos, Eelco, Michel, Kimberley.

After arriving at my place, the first activity of the evening
consisted of careful listening to Jos' Teletubbies CD-single. This
masterpiece of art formed a perect introduction to Things That Should
Be, the first of which was to make a selection from the menu of the
local Klatchian. That selection was, by lack of paper, stored in the
ever present Psion, and carried to the Klatchian Takeaway by myself
and Jos. (If there were any important things happening in my absence,
except for Kimberley arriving, can anybody tell me???) The Klatchian
was not yet familiar with customers reading their orders from a Psion,
but was friendly anyway. Soon the specialties[1] were carried back and
But first, the all-important task of blowing up some balloons to
celebrate Kimberley's Birthday took place, under much laughter &
With dinner being served, the most important act of the evening took
place: the watching of the Soul Music Video's, including PTerry's
interview. This meant that there wasn't much of the usual conversation
- just tidbits...

Some highlights of the evening (incomplete because of lack of notes):
- The Sticking of balloons to the ceiling during Part 2 of the PTerry
- PTerry's pronunciation of 'R'
- Signed Books vs unsigned books[2]
- short IRC session during the interval, in which Kimberley was warned
agains Jos' arms...

There wasn't a lot of discussion afterwards, as people had to rush to
get the last train/bus out... (Which lead to the discussion when the
last train from Leiden to Delft was running- IIRC it was at about 8pm
on the 31/12, to start again at 1am on 1/1, as that is the only gap
the dutch railways leave in their schedule).

The meet (un)fortunately left me with a huge quantity of beer, which
was supposed to be quaffed during the video. Alas. I'll have to
organize another one, it seems :)

Patrick Dersjant

[1] For those that are interested: Nasi Goreng & Babi Pangang, Bami
Goreng & Sate, Tjap Tjoy & Bami, Foe Yong Hai & Nasi, Kroepoek
[2] I pride myself in having an (almost)[3] complete _unsigned_
collection of PTerry's works...
[3] I'm still missing THe unadulterated cat

'No one leaves you, when you live in their heart and mind' - Marillion, Estonia.

---AFP Code 1.1 AC d s-:+ a- U+ R+ F h- P- OS+:+ !C MAB pp--- L+ c+ B+ Cn 
PT--- Pu58- 5+ X MT e+++ r- y? afp code end---

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