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Eindhoven 3.0: Announce

From: Eelco Giele <>
Subject: [F][ANNOUNCE] Eindhoven 3.0 meet, NL 98 osr 1, codename Geldrop.
Date: 19 Jan 1998 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>


Hello all,

Since there has allready been a pre-announce/cfv, most information will
be known. For those who missed the first announce or want some more
info, this is your chance.
Would everybody please let me know:
a: If they are coming (reservations for the restaurant)[0]
b: If they need crash-space. There won't be an unlimited supply.[0] 
   (for more info, see below)

When: 31st of Januari. Time: between 17:00 and 18:00.

Where: Eindhoven, Trafelgar pub. For more information, (ie. some small
maps) look at
The trafelgar pub is located at a 1-2 minute walk from the train station.
Leave the station on the south side (city-side) and cross the street.
You'll walk into a short street, straight at a building site. Here, go
left and after 50 metres the trafelgar pub will be on your right side.

People coming by car, there is a large car-park located at the north side
of the train station. I will check if it is open at the 31st, sometimes
"things" happen and you won't be allowed to park your car there. If you 
let me know that you come by car I will let you know where to park it
and how to get there (let me know where you come from!).

Activity: Since the Nijmegen lasergame was an outstanding succes (except
for some minor details [1]) several people liked the chance for revenge.
We have a choice of two different laser games in Eindhoven. One
Laserquest which I have never been in before (but is basically a free for 
all, as long as you shoot the other team) and a Q-zar which is based on
team-work but has less 'atmosphere'. If you have a specific preference,
let me know [0]. I'll keep it in mind when I decide where to go ;)

Food: Although Indian food has been mentioned this was considered not be
a good idea because restaurant 1 is considered taste-challenged and 
restaurant 2 is budgetary challenged.[2]
A solution has been found in mexican food, directly accross the pub
which has good and affordable food. Let me know if this is a problem[0].

Crash-space: Ok, here it gets complicated. I have sufficient room for a
lot of people to stay over, provided they bring their own matress and
sleeping-bag. I have some stuff for emergencies, but if you have your
own stuff, please bring it with you. Second, I live about 10 km. from
Eindhoven.[3] This is in itself no problem since I am able to give 5 
people a ride[4]. I would however prefer using a taxi cab which is not 
to expensive provided enough people travel.[5] Remarks etc -> please let 
me know.

The short, short version[6]:

You are welcome. Please give notice in advance and hope to see you all
in Eindhoven Januari 31st.

Greetings, Eelco

[0] Before the 26th please. I need to time to make reservations etc.
[1] kids ;)
[2] ie. Number one's food doesn't taste good, number two is expensive.
[3] Small village called Geldrop, located east of Eindhoven. It is
visible on some of the maps.
[4] Yes, in a car, we're not going to do accrobatics on my bike.
[5] I don't drink when I have to drive and I'd like a decent Guiness
too, you know :)
[6] 1 ppoint [7]
[7] If I am allowed to give those.

Version: 2.6.3i
Charset: noconv


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