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Eindhoven: Report

From: roach@earthling.netz (Michael "The Roach" Jan▀en)
Subject: [F] Eindhoven meet report
Date: 04 Feb 1998 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Eindhoven 3.0 / NL 9.0 Codename Geldrop

On Staurday, january 31st, 1998, a detachment of afp-ers and atmd-ers 
dropped into Eindhoven for a smallish meet. 
It quickly became apparent that the term "smallish" would be applicable 
only if one applied the measurements usual in UK-Meets, especially meets 
such as the DWCon. Turnout was big, dropout non-existent, AFAIK.

The following dropped in:

Dr. Vielgut
Pieter v.d. Boogard (The Boggart)
Luc (Yocote from #afp)
The Michelena
"Wingnut" Jos 
Jeroen Burger
Jeroen Metselaar
Tom deM
Adrian Wragg
Don Alfonso
and, of course, The Roach

The meet started about 1700-ish at the Trafalgar Pub in central 
Eindhoven, later to peoceed to other places as well...

Due to the unprecedented size of this meet, it was impossible to keep 
tabs upon all conversation topics, so there can be only a small 
collection of topics touched and items eaten:

Food brought along included:
Montreal Bagels (Proto-Dwarf Bread?) imported from the very place itself
CCCB (the first ones to show up at a Dutch meet, AFAIR)
Licorice Turtles
Chocolate sprinkles (choco-bananana type.... Ook!)
Chocolate bars filled with strawberry filling (Austrian import)
candy Lego


toothpick fights
leisure time activities in NZ
the "How To Eat"-FAQ
Food mailing and arrangements for same
splitting afpmeets into smoking and fancy dress^W^W non-smoking
Hats were tries on
the big split afp / atmd 
the question how to continue numbering the meets and how to decide 
whether it is an afp or an atmd meet
the history of *VOM* cards
The use, abuse and theft of *VOM* cards in theory and practical 
French speaking Canananada
the table water phenomenomenon
pure H2O
events in orange tents
soft drinks
Marriages and 'time off' marriages
Buying a house
annoying Michelena
hugging / kissing in RL and on IRC
smoking and the stopping therewith
Immigration in CDN
Understanding languages
ergonomical pens
yet more *VOM* cards
Michelena was photographed ravishing a *VOM* card
Troll dominoes
candy Lego buidlings and fights

Sometime during the evening, food happned in the form of something 
oriental (Indian / Indonesian). Sate sticks with pork, chicken and goat 
were munched upon by all.

Another agenda item was a reminiscence of the recent Nijmegen meet - the 
Eindhoven LaserQuest was visited and found ... different.
For one, while there had been no reservations made for the Nijmegen LQ, 
the Nijmegen LQ crew said, 'you'll be on at this and this hour', we had 
time to grab another drink and the come back in time to start without 
waiting overly long. In Eindhoven, however, things happened inversely. We 
showed up in time for the reserved spot, got out entrance tickets 
(yellow) and waited. And waited. And waited some more. Eelco went to 
inquire. "You'll be on shortly". We waited. And waited. Eelco went to 
complain, and at AAlso, thirdly, the Nijmegen LQ seemed more spacious and 
was able to produce a better 'shadowrun' atmosphere. While in Eindhoven, 
I had the feeling I was running around in an office building with long 
and cramped hallways, the Nijmegen one feels more like the Lowlife areas 
from Max Headroom. Add to this the fact that the Nijmegen LQ is going 
over three floors, with the uppermost being able to shoot at (and be shot 
at from) the second one... 
Finally, the 'waiting room', a bar with network games, billard tables, 
and *lots* of people was literally drowned in noise. A sensible 
conversation was nigh impossible.

Huh? What? Oh, the final scores? I think Eelco has them. He wanted to 
table it all...

Finally, the long-dreaded, but this time mercifully short(1) quotelist:

"New Zealand, that one horse village ... one horse, lots of sheep" 

"I was driving, I wasn't paying any attention" (Leo)

"Rob's the only person young enough to tolerate me" (Michelena) {*VOM}

On Troll-dominoes (using the candy lego, fit dot to dot) "This is a non-
UK version of Mornington Crescent" (Michelena)

"I'm not gonna eat it, so I might as well do something destructive" 

Jos: "Nijmegen was the first meet with native women" - Michelena: "What 
am I? A barbarian?"(2)

"They are not meant to be digested, they are meant to fill your stomach" 

"Context, what's that?" (Rob)

"That was before we were datin, long before... at least twelve hours" 

"I had to say something nasty to someone else for a change" (Leo)

(1) As I said, there were too many conversations going on, and other 
people will probably add to the list

(2) How about: too late anyway, Michelena?

Michael "The Roach" Janszen (AFP NLMeet reporter)
The Official Michelena Riosa Testosterone Brigade
Peerless Leader of the Post-Apocapalyptic Forces
Charter Member AFP Blame Society
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drop the last letter of the address...

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