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Amsterdam 2.0: Report

From: roach@earthling.netz (Michael "The Roach" Janßen)
Subject: [F] Amsterdam 2.0 walk report
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 20:56:52 +0100
Message-ID: <>

On the 21st day of March, 1998, a small selection of afpeople and 
atmdrummers convened in Amsterdam. 

Participants were:

Alan Bellinghman
Colette Reap
Leo Breebaart
Eelco Giele
Patrick Dersjeant
Jeroen Burger
Jos Dingjan
Kimberley Verburg
Arnout Grootveld
Jeroen Metselaar
Marc Oldenhof
Jeremy Stark
and yours truly, The Roach.

There was a pre-meet event, with most people meeting going to the science 
museum and being entertained there, while other people still were on 
their way to Amsterdam, having had to work that day, or for various other 

The meeting place was supposed to be the Café Americain, and most people 
showed up there, but it was quickly decided that the Café was not the 
right venue to start the meet in. The price level was way beyond what 
most of us were prepared to endure, and upon seeing us, the management of 
said place also decided that all seats were taken. So, we migrated to 
another pub on the Leidseplein, Koopmans, while a small welcoming 
committee waited on and for latecomers. 

Koopmans, unfortunately, was also rather busy, so we were forced to sit 
outside for the better part of an hour, which was not considered funny 
considering the temperature was barely above freezing. After a while, 
however, a corner got empty and we quickly moved into the building.

When 1900 came around, we proceeded to a pancake bakery from there, to 
partake in that glorious "Dutch specialty" (Sorry, but I have eaten more 
pancakes in Germany than in the Netherlands so far, and I have to say the 
German ones are great as well...).

After the pancakes, we embarked upon the search for a pub where to 
continue our drink and merriment. This should, however, prove to be 
harder than anticipated, as most pubs we entered were filled to capacity 
even before we got there. Finally, after a lengthy walk in the streets of 
Amsterdam, we _did_ find one, and there continued warming up.

(ObXFiles: The pub's name was Mulder)

Topics mentioned:

cats & frogs
Psion repair / replacement
prices for Psions
Palm Pilots / Olivetti subnotebooks
Leathermen v/s Swiss Army Knifes
general food stuffs
Hell's Angels
Brussels Photos
"Name that arm" was played
Kimberley as Dutch tutor for UKers and English tutor for NLers
Leo stopped reading afp/atmd altogether
accents (American !Noo Yohk' v/s British 'New York')
Spelling (e.g., is there one or are there two 'm's in lemon?
cocoa, tea, coffee
coffee cookies (i.e., cookies given with coffee in NL)
Guns 'n Roses
trains in Brussels, France and London
email addresses
geeking was committed while walking when passing computer stores
DWCon preparations
wintersports on furniture


Jos: "You cannot be intimate with more than four people simultaneously" 

Re: how to make room in a pub: "Send the Germans in" (Colette)

Leo: There was supposed to be a real mystery guest - Cybercat: ... so 
secret not even Leo knows who it was

Leo: It's irritating to see Mike Knell using pen & paper

Patrick counts people: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D..."

Eelco: Where are the nekkid women you promised us? - Leo: Oh, Kimberley, 
I completely forgot to ask you something...

Kimberley: You're not getting any of mine!

Jos: I had it in Amsterdam, I had it in New York, I had it in Boston.

Jeremy (?): Jos has mastered the art of writing in UUencoded.

Michael "The Roach" Janszen (AFP NLMeet reporter)
The Official Michelena Riosa Testosterone Brigade
Peerless Leader of the Post-Apocapalyptic Forces
Charter Member AFP Blame Society
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drop the last letter of the address...

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