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Utrecht: Report

From: roach@earthling.netz
Subject: [F] afp/atmd/MINImeet Utrecht 2.0 / NL 11.0(?)
Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 21:33:06 +0200
Message-ID: <>

On Saturday, May 23rd, the city of Utrecht, NL, found itself besieged by
afpeople for the second time. Having just recovered from the first
assault, almost two years earlier, it was still to weak to repel the
onslaught, and so it came to pass that a pre-meet and a meet could be

Participants were:

Pre-Meet and meet: 

Jeroen Metselaar
Jeroen Burgher
Rocky Frisco
and, of course, yours truly, The Roach

When the meet proper started, the following showed up to complement the
full quota:

Patrick ("Turtle")
Don Alfonso

It should be noted, many of the above would not divulge their last
names, so I don't give any here eitrher, with the exception of the
Jeroens, as there exre three in the NL, of which two showed up.
Also, when thinking about these names, remember that Anne is used both
as a female and a male first name in the NL, this usage prevails in the
northern parts. And if you're wondering: yes, I wouldn't have known had
the Anne at the meet not been male...

Due to the size of the meet, I can only mention some of the topics
covered, not all of them. Topics marked with # are detailed further

Topics mentioned were:

TV programs
How fast people eat ice
[A] Threads
How many are we?
The Utrecht church tower #
Getting lost on the staircase #
Bookstores #
King Arthur's Arms #
Soccer England v/s Saudi Arabia #
Shrimp Fries
Edible lego
Kroepoek, chips...
The NLMeet Mailing List
The Lspace CABAL
Song versions

during the meet proper:

Several participants on IRC (mostly female)
Net Behaviour
Rock Music
Reports & quotefiles
Background music
Double entendres
Leo's age
Posting or not
Theatre #
Artistic pseudonyms
Virtual beer
Trusting Eelco
RC Mini #
Posters (the ones you hang up on a wall)
Books by Pratchett
Books by Rocky Frisco
Books by other authors
Photo cameras
Computers and OSes
Vegemite, Marmite
Mini magazine (the car...)
The DWCon
Unseen University Challenge
Theatre #
Race Tracks
Geeky still-life
Environmental activity
Juggling #
Peter Trayne

Utrecht is an old bishop's seat, and it has the higherst church spire in
all of the NL. This spire (which stands completely apart from the church
proper, as the original main body got completely trashed during a storm
lasting not more than 30 minutes) contains two so-called 'chapels' and
the bells. The lower chapel (at 12.5 m) was the private chapel for the
Bishop, the upper one (at 25 m) originally was used as a pub, reached
from the outside using ladders. At 49 m the big set of bells is found,
and at 70 m the carillon, the smaller set of bells rung every day to
denote the passing of the hours is located.

The staircase can be confusing - despite there being no labyrinthine
branches, people managed to miss the carillon and continue upwards to
the top level, a viewing platform at about 100m.

On our way from the spire to the pub, we passed a bookstore that was
known to have The Unadulterated Cat and The Last Continent in store, and
the swarm of locu, erm, the attendees could not resist.

We wanted to make a stop at the King Arthur's Arms after that, as the
table in the pub had been reserved for 1900 hours onwards, but the KAA
was so full, we decided to see whether we had more luck there. We had
and we didn't - all TVs in the pub were tuned to the WC warmup match
between England and Saudi Arabia, and vociferous and voluminous comments
were heard all through the match...

Drink was consumed in various forms. Iced water, Guinness, Kilkenny,
coffee, cola, cider, bitter lemon (the latter in normal and in pint
glasses) were the most noted.

Rocky brought along a radio controlled Mini that was sent around the
table for almost the whole evening - only during dinner did the little
thing get a well-deserved rest.C Mini #

When talking about the next meet dates (Brussels 2.0 is looming on the
horizon), people remembered that yours truly is on stage again on june
12th, 18th and 19th. If there are people who want to watch me, and get
together for a small meet, you'll have to organize that yourselves, as I
will be too busy with preparations for the show.

TimT had proposed to Kimberly, and thus gotten challenged to a duel by
Jos. Later, he rethought his options, and decided to propose to Jos
instead, in order to get Kimberley to challenge him. Kimberley, however,
challenged him to a juggling duel. 

And now, finally, the log-awaited and dreaded...


"I am just a labrat ... girls always want to experiment with me."
(Jeroen M.)

Peter's Smoking. Kimberley shoots am ugly look. Peter: "Don't kill me."
Kimberley: "We don't have to..."

Tony: "We (meaning UKers) fry anything" - Jos: "You're not touching me!"

Pieter: "Preatchett is like a two-step compiler." Leo: "Why?" Peter:
"You can't get all the refernces right in the first pass"

"I just understood you wanted to call me Jesus" (Leo)

"How much can we subvert the pub?" (Tony)

"The second most pathetic sight in the world - a Mini on its' back"

"Carmageddon for beginners" (Pieter)

"Gloria in excelsis Leo" (Leo)

"Look, mum, is that a cowboy?" (a kid at the spire upon seeing Rocky)

Michael "The Roach" Janszen (AFP NLMeet reporter)
The Official Michelena Riosa Testosterone Brigade
Peerless Leader of the Post-Apocapalyptic Forces
Charter Member AFP Blame Society
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drop the last letter of the address...

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