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Beljum 2.0: Report (Roach)

From: roach@earthling.netz (Michael "The Roach" Jan▀en)
Subject: [F] Brussels Meet report (Late)
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 22:02:54 +0200
Message-ID: <>

Prelude: Many apologies for being this late in posting the report. My
computer had a weird idiosyncrasy whenever I tried to post to - it would just reboot without warning and without
saving open files. This caused me to re-write this report three times
(the third time I wisened up and saved it, but still couldn't send). 
By now, a faulty video memory upgrade has been removed and it looks as
if this has caused the crashes...

But now, here goes...

On Saturday, May 30th, a swarm of locusts^W^W^W^W the Dutch afp
contingent, complemented by some others, descended upon Brussels for the
second time, this time to celebrate the advent of Penny Parkin.

A pre-meet was again held, with the attendees (TomdeM, Penny, Eelco and
Jeroen M.) visiting the Garfield exposition. Due to the driving skills
(I use that word in the lusest possible sense) of Belgian trucks, I
reached Brussels Midi not more than five minutes after the pre-meet had
departed :-(. But after only three more hours, the meet proper started.

Participants at the meet proper:

Tom de M
Jeroen Metselaar
Jos (with wingnut)
Jeroen Burger
and yours truly, The Roach

Once the meet had convened, the Brussels Metro was taken into the center
of the city where a Jazz Marathon was being held. Well, some of the
music I heard were a far cry from Jazz, IMHO, but still... A small
chinese/vietnamese restaurant found itself invaded, after dinner we went
looking for a good ice cream parlour for some (just) desserts. The first
one we went to was partially closed due to employees being ill, but the
second one was more accommodating.
>From there we went in search of a pub that served decent soft drinks
(yeah!), and stopped on our way there in a small cafe that was almost
empty to rest our weary feet a bit.

Topics discussed while I was there:

Zurich meets
Beer types
Restaurants and redesigning them
Forgetting pictures
Available pictures (Kimberley & balls)
Hairs on balls
Planes in tunnels
Licorice turtles
What is "Splut" in Tamil?
Shoulder straps - and tying people together with them
Computers in vehicles
Safety pins
The HP pseudo-Psion
*VOM* and *SMACK* cards were displayed
Books as geektools
Being stuck in Belgium (aka 'A Fate Worse Than Death')
Jeremy on a leash
Eating w/ chopsticks
Logging on IRC (especially on
Cybercast of weddings
Role-playing games
Work contracts
SCSI and computers
afpeople present and absent
(People being able to walk past a PC shop without stopping)
Chocolate Godiva
Discworld model
Terry Pratchett
Reannual hangovers
Fisherman's Friend (also the chocolate-covered variety...)

And now, for the generally-feared Quotefile (dumduhdumdum...)

Tom: "I guess I must be cheap"

Tom: "If you bump into a gypsy, check your wallet" - Jeroen M: "And if
you bump into Penny, you know what to check..."

Jos: "Sorry, we're out of food. The fridge crashed - twice"

Heimi: "Deeper, deeper, deeper!"

Jeroen M about Jos: "He's not large. I don't think he's dangerous."

Jeremy: "I did that by putting it in"

Jeremy: "You want a bigger phone? Put it on that rail over there..." (in
the subway station)

Jos: "Let's organize the geek pride march"

Jeroen M: "You won't like it if I squirt all over you"

Jeremy S: "What are the three words women most want to hear? 'I was

Jeremy re Jos' T-shirt: "The turtle in 3D"

Jos re the CCFischerman's: "It tastes pretty good - at first"

Michael "The Roach" Janszen (AFP NLMeet reporter)
The Official Michelena Riosa Testosterone Brigade
Peerless Leader of the Post-Apocapalyptic Forces
Charter Member AFP Blame Society
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drop the last letter of the address...

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