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Beljum 2.0: Report (Kimberley)

From: (Kimberley or Martijn)
Subject: [F] Brussels 2.0 Meet Report - part 2
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 13:52:51 GMT
Message-ID: <>

[Also posted to atmd]

The Roach is busy reciting Shakespeare or some such so I'm posting part
2 in the meantime.

After Roach left:

The Survivors: Penny, Jos, Jeremy, Tom, Jeroen M (Labrat), Jeroen B,
Peter, Eelco, Michel (Cybercat) and myself. (I have a horrible feeling
I'm missing someone and will be very embarrassed when I find out who it

Penny's toys were played with. Godzilla breakdanced. Jeremy was
viciously attacked with an out of control quote file. Rat baseball was
played. Chocolate bar wrappers and ice were juggled. Michelena's edible
Lego made a reappearance.


Flossie the Sheep - one of the Guests of Honour at the Ipswich Meet
Dissolvable women - Jeroen M. took her home
Swiss Army knifes vs Leathermans (score: 4-3)
Socialist rodents
Bond films
The ideal time to vomit while bungy jumping
Cameras - much evidence was gathered
Business cards
Water pistol arms escalation
Blinking (Penny vs Eelco, score: 1-0)


"Finally there's a meet with Nekkid Wimmin and Leo's not there." -
Jeroen M. (Labrat)

"See Jos sniffing a dinosaur" - Tom

"Pumping and nothing's happening. What a pity" - Tom to Jeremy

"You call that a knife?" Jeroen M. to Kimberley

There were many more Quotes of a Dubious Nature. I'll be e-mailing those
to the guilty parties. All I can say is that the Ipswich Meet people
have a lot to answer for...

Kimberley Verburg
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