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From: Jos Dingjan <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] NL mini-meet, Delft 1.5, Thu 04 June
Date: 03 Jun 1998 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>


[Very late afproving this, I only got it late myself   -Tap]

Right. It seems a tradition has been started, so there will be a
post-meet-mini-meet, wrapping up Utrecht 2.0 and Brussels 2.0

When:   Thursday June 4th
Where:  Delft

2 options:

*)For those wanting food:
  Time:         between 18:00 and 19:00
  Place:        Eetcafe De Carrousel, Oude Delft 1-5

De Carrousel can easily be found from the station. Cross the square in
front of the station, cross the "Westvest", the road where the tram
runs, go into the little alley called "Barbarasteeg". At the end, turn
right (You are now on the Oude Delft). De Carrousel is near the end of
the Oude Delft, on the right hand side.

You can also find De Carrousel at
as number 21

*)For those not wanting food:
  Time:         20:30 and later
  Place:        Cafe De Stapperij, Beestenmarkt 14

Cross the square in front of the station and the road where the tram
runs. Go into the little alley called "Barbarasteeg". Continue in the
same direction, past the bridge across the first canal, through the
Breestraat, across the second canal (the road to your left is the Lange
Geer), more Breestraat, until you cannot go straight on without wetting
your feet. If all went well you are now on the "Brabantse Turfmarkt". Go
left, past the Albert Heijn, until the canal disappears. Continue into
the pedestrian area (there might be the remains of a market, I'm not
sure). Ben & Jerry's is on the left, as is Locus Publicus. Take the
first road to the right, the "Burgwal". Continue to the end, the a
little right-left zigzag gets you onto the Beestenmarkt. I hope the
weather will be nice, for then we will be sitting outside. If it's not,
we'll retreat in De Stapperij, a cafe we've previously confused with our

You can't find De Stapperij at,
but their neighbours, Cafe Vlaanderen, is number 11

Please drop me a note if you plan to be there.

Since I don't have a mobile, but still want to give people *some* way of
contacting me:

Tel. De Carrousel:      015-2122754
Tel. De Stapperij:      015-2141556

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