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From: (Kimberley Verburg)
Subject: [F] Delft 1.5 Mini-Meet Report
Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 16:42:56 GMT
Message-ID: <>

(cross-posted to atmd)

Once upon a time Patrick organised a nice little post-meet-mini-meet. It
was deemed a Good Thing and, like all Good Things should be, was

It was Thursday evening. I arrived half an hour late at "De Carrousel"
cursing Dutch railways and its new and "improved" schedule to find
Jeroen B, Jos, Leo and Patrick already at the cafe. They looked innocent
enough, but I'm sure some appalling geekery had been perpetrated before
my arrival. Eelco and The Backpack arrived shortly afterward.

After stopping to get some Ben and Jerry's ice-cream we finally ended up
at Kobus Kuch, home of the best apple pie in Delft. Pie was ordered with
lashings of cream and the vultures hovered over the less hearty eaters.

Vigourous arm actions were found to be hazardous in the vicinity of
waitresses and Eelcos, and the latter was appeased with food. Patrick
got a three second ping reply from Jeroen B. The Keeper of the Edible
Lego, Eelco, produced it again and a tower was built with 28 wobbly
levels to the puzzlement of the staff. (I wonder if Michelena knows how
much entertainment she has provided us with.)


Fire drills
afp and atmd
Dutch traditional costumes
Sesame Street
Children's television
Manga (Japanese cartoons)
Conventions and meets
Alarm clocks

Quotes (Absolutely no responsibility is taken for any mistranslation)

"My mother taught me to eat my bed clean." - Patrick

"Terry was an orange in many books. If he ever becomes an apple..."
- Leo

"Can't you multi-task yet?" - Jeroen B to Leo

"Here is a moral. Here is a head. Here is a sledgehammer. G'doing,
g'doing." - Leo

"Even afpers are human." - Jos

"You're the closest thing we've got to a woman." - Leo to Kimberley

"I light up 20 to 30 telephones a day." - Jos

"It eats away at you knowing that there isn't an ISO standard for the
numbering of NL Meets" - Leo

Kimberley Verburg

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