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From: Jos Dingjan <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Delft 2.0, Friday 7th August
Date: 30 Jul 1998 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>


It was a dark and stormy night.

The little house in the wind-swept polder shuddered as lightning hit a
nearby tree. The three inhabitants shuddered with the house. Suddenly,
it seemed as if they could hear a voice in the storm...
 "Don't forget to organise a goodbye-meet, Jos..."
  "But I'm not leaving", Jos said, "I'm staying, you hear!"
 "Still, you promised to organise a meet..."
  "Hmm, I guess I could make it a graduation-meet"
 "Yes... and don't forget poor Jeremy... He *is* leaving..."
  "Good point, that person, err, wind!"

So, let it be known unto the multitudes that there will be a meet in
Delft, to rejoice and celebrate, congratulate and say goodbye.

The name:   Delft 2.0
The date:   Friday 7 August
The reason: My graduation (not entirely in effect, but close enough 
            anyway) and Jeremy Stark's imminent departure to his home 

There will be two options for joining this event. The first is to meet
us between 17:00u and 18:30u in "Bierlokaal Locus Publicus", Brabantse
Turfmarkt 67. This venue is marked with the number "62" on the map of
Delft which can be found at After
18:30u we will find ourselves sustenance of the solid persuasion,
whereafter we will wind our way towards the Beestenmarkt. Depending on
the weather we will (try to) settle down outside of or in "De
Stapperij", known for its confused waiters. "De Stapperij" isn't
indicated on aforementioned map, but it is located just right of number
"11". We will aim to arrive at "De Stapperij" between 21:00 and 21:30,
making this the second chance to find and join this merry company.

Crash space is available.

Mobile phone might be available (Yours, Mr. YouKnowWhoYouAre? ;-).

Anyone interested, be it forn or local, please drop me a mail so that I
can get an idea of numbers. This might come in handy for arranging food,
seating, whatnot.

- -- 
"Mum! Mum! They're geeking again! Tell them to stop!" - mpk, 15-07-1998

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Charset: noconv


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