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From: "Tim T." <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] AFPmeet Sat Nov 14 1998: Jennifer-2.0
Date: 08 Nov 1998 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>


On November 14, 1998 Jennifer Barber will be visiting the
Netherlands again. To commemorate this event, a meet is convened
in The Trafalgar Pub, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, on Saturday,
starting from 17:30.

How to get there :
 Eindhoven is in the south of the Netherlands, reasonably well
 connected by roads and trains to the rest of the world. We even
 have our own airport. (Charter planes no longer allowed...) 

 The Trafalgar Pub is even better situated in the center of town:
 The address is Dommelstraat 21. To get to the Dommelstraat, leave
 the station past the taxirank, cross the square towards a towering
 green building (appropriately enough, it's called the green
 tower..) and turn left at the Cinema. The pub's about three doors
 down the street on your right. 

What to do when you get there :
 Eat, drink and be merry. I suggest we simply collect in the pub,
 and eat there: it's about the only place that can handle groups
 of the expected size at short notice, and the prices are quite
 If anyone wants to run a GURPS discworld game, contact me: I'll
 ensure that a number of rule sets are available, and I'll dig out
 my old dice. 

Where to sleep :
 Bars in Eindhoven are forced to put their customers outside at 2
 O'clock, so we can't stay in until first daylight.The Netherlands
 currently have a problem with flooding, so sleeping under bridges
 is not advised.  

First the bad news: I cannot offer crashspace at this point.

The good news: Eindhoven has a number of cheap, but good
hotels. The one I usually recommend is the Hotel Corso, next to
the Pub (don't turn left at the cinema, but walk straight on.)
Price : from 65 guilders for a single, 95 guilders for a double
room. Telephone 040-2449131. I have a list of other addresses if
you require something else. (some are even cheaper, but further away)

What to do if you want to come:
 I need to give some approximate numbers to the Pub, to
 ensure that there is no cockup on the catering front, so contact
 me at

I want to come but I'm bound to get lost/The babysitter may want
to call:
 email me to get the number of my mobile phone. 

Anymore info: email me, and I'll try to answer your question. 

See you in Eindhoven,

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