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From: Patrick 'Turtle' Dersjant <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Leiden Videomeet Jan 9th 1999
Date: 26 Dec 1998 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>


Hi there,

this is to announce that the 2nd video meet will be held on Saturday,
Jan. 9th 1999. The plan looks like the following:

We will meet from about 16.00h onwards in 'The English Pub',
Noordeinde, Leiden. For a route description, see [1]. We'll have a
drink or two there, and then continue on towards (an early) dinner.
For this I'll reserve a table (or more than one) at 'Kwebbelen', a
five minute walk from the pub (see [2]).
As I have to make reservations, *please* let me know a week in advance
whether you want food or are going to keep drinking Guinness. 
Alternatively, if there's a row breaking out as people don't want to
walk, we can also eat in the English Pub, though the food isn't too
great. Lemme know what you think :)

After dinner we will journey towards my home & living room and enjoy
the highlight of the evening: the showing of 'Truckers - the video'.
This will take approx. 110 minutes.

Timing has been arranged so people *can* catch trains, at least within
the NS 'nachtnet'. There is also crash space available - please
contact me for details.

Please let me know whether you want to attend the video, even if you
have already told me (a million times or more <g>). Just to make sure
there's enough place & enough drinks available.

Greetinx, and happy holidays to all of you

Patrick 'Turtle' Dersjant

[1] Take the plane to Amsterdam Airport (AMS), Schiphol. Take the
train to Leiden/The Hague. At Leiden CS take the main exit, cross the
square and take the road in front of you. Follow this, until the
street itself turns left, over a bridge. Cross the bridge, and again
follow the street, this time to the right. After about 100 meters (110
yards), you should see the pub on the left hand side, on the corner.
[2] Follow instructions as in [1]. Turn right into the street in front
of the pub. Follow this one for about 75 meters (80 yards). On the
left hand side you will see Brasserie 'Kwebbelen'.
[3] If you plan to come by car please consider attending early and
parking at my place. Leiden is quite expensive in parking, and there's
plenty of free parking near my apartment. Please mail me for a route
- -- 
.signature missing, presumed having a good time.

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