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From: Eelco Giele <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Eindhoven meet 5.0, March 27th
Date: 16 Mar 1999 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <160399103444afpa@vigen>

(- damn, I don't think I'll be able to make it. FWIW, YHM thinks that
   the dutch do some of the best meets in afpdom - rrc)


Hi all,

And now for the short, short version

When:  March 27th. starting time between 17:00-18:00
Where: Eindhoven, Trafalgar Pub

Slightly longer version:

It has been far to long ago that there has been an NL meet, which is
enough reason to organise one. It will be held as usual in the
Trafalgar pub. They serve decent (the best in the Netherlands
according to the guy behind the bar, and according to my experiences)
Guinness and serve decent food. The environment has a distinctive
lack of loud music, enabling normal conversation to take place.

Activities: Well, if people like a pre-meet, this is possible, but I
don't know of anything special to visit but the city itself.
During the meet it might be nice to do something else besides just
sitting around. Last time laserquest proved to be "not such a good
idea" but there are other possibilities, like pool, snooker, etc.
If you have a brilliant idea, let me know. Most bars close at 4 am.
Foodstuff: If people feel they have eaten too many times in the
Trafalgar Pub, let me know, and I'll try to arrange for something


Q: How do I find this heaven for thirsty throats?
A: It is close to the
train station. Leave station through south exit, cross (busy) street,
enter very short street straight ahead, go left and on your right
hand side is the Trafalgar Pub.

Q: I live far, far away and don't want to sleep on the street, what
should I do?
A: There is crash space available. Let me know that you are coming. I
live quite a long way from the city centre (in a small village called
Geldrop) and will probably take a taxi back home. Also, it would be
nice to know for how many people I will need food the next morning.

Q: I am not sure if I will be able to find you, how can I contact
Q: I am travelling by train, so I haven't got the foggiest of ideas
about my arrival time.
A: I have a cellphone with me. Email me for the number (this one is
_not_ the same as the one last year). It might be a good idea to let
me know that you are coming anyway.

Q: Will there be CCCB's, EL or CCFF's?
A: Some, many, nope[2].

Greetings, Eelco

[1] Expected Questions
[2] <vulture mode> Never scare your prey :)

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