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From: (Patrick 'Turtle' Dersjant)
Subject: [F] Eindhoven 5.0 Meet report
Date: 31 Mar 1999 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Eindhoven 5.0 Meet report

Saturday, March 27th saw the fifth invasion of afp'ers to the dutch
Light Town, Eindhoven. The meet started to be quorate at 13:38 with
the arrival of the german twins Uwe & Rolf (aka Dolly & Dolly) and
yours truly at the home of our host Eelco in Geldrop. Welcomes were
being exchanged, and coffee, tea and a light lunch were consumed.
Thanks to the services of the dutch railways, we were soon on our way
to Eindhoven itself, where we were shown the city centre. Not much
interesting happening there, so after some walking around, we were led
into Eindhovens smallest pub, which was immediately filled for 20%
(previously empty). 'The little one', as it is called, also featured
some remarkable wall (and ceiling) decorations. Amongst them, both a
broken and a mended drum, which were of course photographed to be used
as evidence. Discussion tended to include geeking, geek toys, cars &
the Art of Oil Changes.
After some time, we left for the Trafalgar pub, where the meet was
going to happen. First person we met there was doc 'anti-geek' Vielgut
- checking his e-mail on the only PC in the pub. This provided us
dutchies with a minor situation: for the first time we were
outnumbered by furriners. Luckily, Tim T. entered 5 minutes later with
Don Alfonso. Soon after, Kimberley, Labrat and Jeroen B also arrived,
bringing the met to its maximum count.
After some Guinness, food was served and vultured. Some tactical
manoevres made sure the vulturing stayed within acceptable levels.
Redistribution of chips can be a good thing ;)
Topics being discussed included geeking again (to a total count of at
least 8 separate occasions), geek(ing) toys - 'Always use geek toys on
geek toys' - Eelco, as well as geeks versus anti-geeks. Food, fibres
and Guinness were also discussed - 'Guinness is basically bread, so
you need cheese on that', as Dolly said. Non geek topics like movies,
bad puns, and horrible deaths were also debated.
Furthermore, topics included UF, the Evil Empire, and, somehow, T3
A highlight of the evening was Penny calling in to the meet. This was
greeted with a unanimous outcry: 'Penny!!!!!'
A lot of incriminating evidence was created using the two digital
devices that were present: A Sony Maverick Digital Camera, and some
kind of JVC Digital Video camera. Other geek toys present included a
Leatherman, a Gerber Tool, a rather smallish water gun, a book of
Washington DC and a screaming elephant[1]. Though some mobile phones
were also brought in, there has been no confirmed sighting of any
handheld computing device except for Eelco's calculator match, which
arguably doesn't count.
Later on the evening, chocolate covered things were produced and
abused to build cc Dolly's. At about 1.30am a taxi was ordered to
bring us back to our crash space in Geldrop. Doc & I took Doc's car
and followed the taxi driver. 'Follow that cab, driver' was used in a
very bad attempt at a pun. Soon after, the meet ended as all present
seemed to be inexplicably tired.
Next morning saw breakfast, after which I left. Anything happened
after... I can only guess ;)

Some Quotes:
'I don't make naughty remarks' - Eelco
'I'm geektoyless' - Jeroen B
'I can deny everything' - Rat. 'I will' - Rat
'Now I've seen a Turtle screwing an Elephant' - Rat
'I want a zipfile of your spekkies[2]' - doc
'I do not wish to provide further fodder for the meet report' - KimV
'If you continue like this I will get a geeking overflow error' -
'If you haven't taken it apart, how can one be sure it works?' -
attribution unknown 
'It's Dolly, you're *supposed* to clone them' - doc.
'This packet existed at afp-meets before you guys did' - KimV
'There is a risk of *glob*' - Kim
'I'm not sheep' - Dolly

As pictures were being taken, would somebody please post links to the
relevant pages? Thanks.

Patrick 'Turtle' Dersjant

[1] Evidence of an Elephant standing on top of a Turtle has been
[2] some kind of marsh mallows.
.signature missing, presumed having a good time.

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