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Leiden: Report

From: (The Roach)
Subject: [F] Pre-CCDE NLMeet report (late)
Date: 04 Aug 1999 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>

(Let's hope this finally makes it out... Tons of things that can go wrong 
when posting *did* go wrong this time...)

On Wednesday, July 28th, a gaggle of afpeople descended upon the 
unsuspecting town of Leiden, to meet in preparation for the fun and 
laughter that the CCDE was supposed to be...

Present were:

Martin Wisse, Jeroen Burger, Labrat, Eelco Giele, Michel, Patrick 
"Turtle" Dersjeant, Rolf and Uwe Milde, Leo Breebaart, Kimberley Verburg, 
Jos Dingjan, Daniel Proost, Gabe, Sabine, Mahin, Henk-Pieter Sierad, 
Olaf, Sindy, and last but not least, your hml rptr, The Roach.

The meeting commenced in the common room of the pub "Northend" in Leiden, 
on the Noordeindestraat, and later moved into the back areas for food. 
Due to the size of the group, we witnessed other people asking for dinner 
but being turned away...

Themes discussed were numerous and varied:#

The upcoming CCDE
transportation to selfsame
the relative merits of Coke versus Pepsi
Star Wars Lego
dinner arrangements
Super and Micro Soakers
Toys in general
phone numbers
dinner, especially the 'limited edition spare ribs'
photos were taken :-(
the Russian Language
the fact that bad puns and Monty Python quotes are finable
the Truman Show
The Dark Menace
mobile phones

Some of the conversations were held in (fake) German accents)

As many of those present (though not all) were to leave the next morning 
in the General direction of Brittany, the meeting ended comparatively 


"From the way it is behaving, I expect it to be feminine" (Leo)

"Jeroen's is larger" (Eelco)

"They call me the gangster of love" (Leo)

"Kimberley, I have sent someone to vulture for you" (Eelco)

"Terry Backpack" (Leo)

"Leo, remind me never to say 'lots' to you again!" (Kimberley)

"How can you tell an alien is gay? He is purple and has a triangle on his 
head" (Jos)

"I want to see Leo's vibrating toy" (Gabe)

"It's not only vibrating, it also expects top be called names!" (Uwe)

penI'yIn 'ej pechep
Michael "The Roach" Janszen (AFP NLMeet reporter)
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