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Eindhoven: Report

From: (Patrick 'Turtle' Dersjant)
Subject: [F] Eindhoven Meet Report
Date: 25 Oct 1999 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Eindhoven Meet 6.0, or:
The creation of alt.fluffy-toys.hit.hit.hit

When I arrived at Eelco's home to join the ride into Eindhoven city
centre and towards the meet, I was greeted with 'That's number four!'.
Soon the reason became obvious as Rolf, Uwe and David Fawcett were
already present[1] and waiting. So after a quick cup of coffee/tea we
went of to Eindhoven, where we were already eagerly awaited by Arwen
and Jeroen (Labrat). OK, so we were 10 minutes late but we blame that
on the public transport[2]. Having settled down and ready to order our
first beverage, it became apparent that Eelco was probably living in
that pub - they were already pouring his Guinness when we still had to
come in, in a matter of speaking. Some moments later, Jos arrived,
followed by Joost, Luc (two warmly welcomed newbies), Jeroen B. and
No sooner the drinks had arrived or fluffy toys started to appear.
First of all four fluffy elephants, soon after followed by a^H the
fifth elephant, Rubi the Rhino, a duck (what duck?), Tux and a hand
puppet of Mr Hat. Soon the company was busy hitting the toys, throwing
them around or doing other unpleasant things, which I missed. A hint
of relevancy was introduced by Jos, who proclaimed that he knew what
happens in the fifth elephant, followed by throwing the fifth elephant
into the air, letting it fall down onto the floor. The immediate
reaction was a scream "Spoiler Space!" from all around...
Topics before dinner included geeking, being evil, meets in general,
translations, geeking, a discussion of the merits of vi and emacs
interrupted by some lingerie talk to distract the geekers, Elephants
and Mr Newton, Doom administrator, navigating in city's in general and
The Hague in specific, as well as fantasy authors (including Feist)
and their general readability.
Experiments on the temperature of a good pint of Guinness were
prevented by quickly downing the fluids present on the tables.
Whilst on the one side of the table, elephants were started to be
juggled, on the other side some biological and physical geeking
happened, including lasers.
After a while the crowd became hungry and we moved to have some
(excellent) food. During dinner, discussions were continued, and more
than once lead to geeking (Jos: "I can geek about almost anything").
Topics included Arwen's hair (though I can't read anymore what I wrote
down about this) and IP geeking[3]. Also, as Jos ordered some more
chips after the meals had been consumed, fights erupted over his
When the food had been consumed, hitting the fluffy toys continued in
earnest. As Eelco had brought some pink ribbon, this was used in
excess. I'm not quite sure whether the tied-in Tux made the
pictures... at one point, there was a clear pink ribbon noose hanging
down from a lamp...
At two ends of the table, spontaneous filking erupted, and after some
time, Kimberley was filked upon by a choir of Eelco, Jeroen B, Jos and
Arwen. The texts of the filks went with Arwen, so maybe she will post
(some of) them later on...
Then at about 10.45 we paid the bill and headed out to play a round of
laser quest. Unfortunately, Labrat and Joost had to catch a train and
couldn't join us, so there were only ten of us left to play.
Last time this was tried in Eindhoven, we had to wait quite some time
for previous groups to finish, but this time we could start after a
very short wait. We were the only ones playing, so we didn't have to
deal with experienced snipers[4]. The group was split into the Red
team  (Luc, Patrick, Jos, David, Uwe) and Green (Eelco, Arwen, Kim,
Jeroen B, Rolf). Fun was had by all, leading to a Red victory by 1543
to 1360. Precise scores weren't noted down as an attempt to make a
readable three dimensional matrix on a piece of paper failed.
So we continued down to the pub, a bit more tired and in need for
another pint. Quiet conversation happened, after which eight of us
went to stay at Eelco's place. Jeroen B and Luc said goodbye as our
cabs arrived.
At Eelco's place there was a short IRC session, but most people were
craving for some sleep/rest.
Next morning brought an abundant breakfast which included muffins
brought by Jos. The meet gently faded out as I brought Arwen,
Kimberley and Jos to Utrecht, The Hague and Leiden, earning myself the
title of official dutch afp meet taxi driver.

And just to answer the question of the evening: The two letter code
for Minnesota is 

And now, for some quotes:

"You're all bastards" - Jos
"I had Leo on my mind" - Labrat
"It looked futuristic in a retro kind of way" - attribution lost.
"I'm not a duck, I'm a helicopter" - Jos
"An open-source penguin, is that one you can bugger?" - Eelco
"All evil shields up" - Labrat on Kimberley arriving
"There is no reason to be paranoid" - coined by Jos, used throughout
the evening.
"She's a nice person to talk about..." - Eelco, missing the ^W
"There is a slight difference between Colm and Donal" - Jos
"de.a.f.p. is not a newsgroup like" - Labrat
"There is no 'N' in Minnesota - oh, there is, never mind me" - Jos

Patrick 'Turtle' Dersjant 

[1] And me thinking I was early...
[2] who were perfectly on time, but that's beside the point.
[3] Well, it started off with house numbers...
[4] Except for Eelco
.signature missing, presumed having a good time.

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