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From: "Arwen Lune" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] 5 February Dragonmeet Utrecht [proposal]
Date: 14 Dec 1999 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>


After more than a couple of hints, subtle and less subtle,
that it was time for me to organise a meet...


It appears that the 8 ' Flesh-eating Dragon will be in the
Netherlands at about the time that it would be nice to have
a meet here, so here it comes:

Hands up for an Utrecht meet on Saturday 5 February please.

Utrecht is easily reached by train from practically everywhere,
has a couple of AFPmeet resistant^Wsuitable pubs, and best
of all: the 'smartlappenfestival' will be well over and forgotten
by then :-)

I would like to know how many people to count in, and how they
will come [car or train] so I can decide if we should meet up at
the train station.
I have crash space for lots of people, and would like to ask
everyone interested in joining the meet to mail me at
[don't forget to include if you want to crash]

Just let me know if this is a workable idea, and facts and
details will be filled in at a later time.

Arwen Lune
- --
AFPengaged to Barry R.:-) [pair in black] * Key bearer * Founder
of the WWACCDE organisation * sharing a body with the evil side:
Lady Macbeth (both in the MAFPIA) * clueful blonde * 'Compared
to living, juggling is /easy/' *

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