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Utrecht: Report

From: (Arwen Luné)
Subject: [F] This _may_ be the meetreport of Utrecht 3.0
Date: 10 Feb 2000 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Meetreport TallDragonMeet Utrecht, 5 February


-Barry R.
-Arwen Luné

Added in Utrecht were:
-Jeroen B.
-Adrian '8'FED'
-8'FED's dad
-Richard 'I changed my email address, do you still know who I am?' 
-Martin Wisse

As I had agreed to have my house invaded by the AFPmob, the meet 
started with the premeeters' arrival. Hugs were given and received, 
fluffy toys were introduced to eachother, and we watched tv while 
waiting for the last people to arrive. [it was skating, right? my 
memory is a bit foggy... I must have been distracted]
When everyone was there, we gathered our fluffy toys/chocolate/
juggle gear and went for a stroll to the station.
Juggle all the way, and vom. Or so I'm told.

Anyway, when we arrived in Utrecht we conquered a table in the 
café, where we met up with Martin. The conversation went geekish RFN 
[1] as Martin had brought a more-geekish-than-most camera with him. 
We got ourselves some drinks, and I went off briefly to buy stuff 
for my own camera.
When I returned the number of people had doubled, and we moved to a 
larger table. hugs, introductions, chocolate, fluffy toys, 'long-
time-no-see's, presents... anything else?
We walked to the pub, where I was told "reservation? no can't be, 
because of the match of tonight". At this point 22 AFPeople were 
standing in the pub, being shouted at to duck because they were 
standing in front of tv's. I told the bar-person that that there 
were 23 people wanting dinner, quite a lot of them drinking Guiness 
by the pint, and besides, I had made a reservation. Said bar-person 
went pale, and the manager was called. Who checked the book, went 
pale, and started herding people out of the side-room used for 
After some rearranging of tables and chairs we settled down and 
continued wibbling and eating chocolate etc.
Food happened [and much to my frustration totally different from
how I had arranged it beforehand] as did drinks... Balloons were 
played with (those must have been good for some interesting 
quotes :-))
Eventually the gathering ended, and crashers walked back to the 
train station. Where they got on the -surprisingly full- train to
Veenendaal. Once at the crash-address, RealCats were cuddled, beer 
and other stuff was consumed, geeking happened and most people 
watched a film on tv. Eventually sleep kicked in.
I don't know what happened early in the morning, as I [for the 
first time at a meet] managed to sleep late. We tried breakfast 
[though the kitchen was kind of full with 12 people lining up 
waiting for the next crumpet to come out of the toaster]
But OK, there were crumpets, and muffins, and we saw that it was 
Jos brought us some music after he'd discovered my piano [fun was
had with the different rythm-options]. Eventually we went for a 
juggle session in the nearby park, where the different clubs, rings, 
balls, frisbees and devilsticks were tried and played with.
When everybody was cooled down the gathering continued indoors for a 
while, and -much to my cats' disappointment- people started to 
leave. When the whole AFPmob had left my parents came in, had a look 
around and spoke the immortal words "Ok, we are going for a walk, 
when we come back this is all cleaned".
It was. Innit amazing?

1] that's Real _Fast_ Now, you dirty minded person.

A couple of other people were taking quotes I believe.. Patrick?
Anyway, this is what I have.

"At one point, AFPmeets will consist purely of people taking 
pictures of eachother with geek toys."

[Martin:] (about vibrating fluffy toy)
"Its got white spots on its belly"
[Olaf:] "it's not what you think!"

"I'm not fat, I'm emphasised"

[Patrick taking drink orders with his notebook]
"what do you want?"
"and you?"
   "the same"
"good, because there's no more space for Guiness"

"this in Dutch beer"
[Impie, looking at the bottle]
"made in Taiwan"

"no no no're vomfishing!"

[Martin about quacking elephant:]
"its a transpecieist!"
"You also run the risk of trains running over your balls"

If Bill Gates fell in the woods, would anybody hear him?"
"Would anyone *care*??"

[Martin about Jos:]
"he's well adapted to modern society"
[everyone else:]

Arwen Luné
AFPengaged to Barry R.[pair in black] * Key bearer * Founder of the 
WWACCDE organization * part of the AFPmob * "Sometimes all you can 
do is randomly shoot people and hope for the best." * 
* *

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