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Den Haag: Report

Subject: [F] Den Haag 2.0: the Kewl Meet
From: (Martin Wisse)

Den Haag 2.0: The Kewl Meet

Attending: Arwen, Boris, Sindy, Jos, Kimberley,  Michel, Olaf, Patrick,
Rolf, Tijmen, Uwe and Yours Truly.

How sad is it to bring your own mouse to an afp meet? Not as sad surely
as being asked to bring a mouse with you...

Anyways, the official reason of the meet was to visit the ice sculptures
exhibition  at Madurodam, hence the first kewl AFPmeet...

Madurodam is, for those of you outside .NL, a sort of scale model of the
Netherlands. Good fun if you're eight or so and more fun if you're with
a group of geeks trying to determine if everything is built to scale.

Apart from a mouse, I was also asked to bring along a supersoaker, for
which nefarious purpose became clear Sunday...

Arrived in Den Haag Central Station at about 13:30, got something to eat
and was waiting for the rest to show when I spotted Boris looking
around. We chatted some and after a while Patrick arrived, with Arwen,
Uwe and Rolf tagging along.

After killing some time by looking around the nearby mall for a
non-existant toy shoppe, we went to catch our tram, where we ran into 
Michel and Tijmen, both a little late.

Went to Madurodam and decided first to have a look around the models
outside, before braving the coldness of the exhibition. It was nice
weather and pretty crowded so after some time we decided to go in.

The exhibition hall was climate controlled and a few degrees
(centigrade) below zero, as to keep the ice sculptures from melting.
The sculptures self were pretty neat, if a bit kitsch. Lot's of famous
monuments (Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal etc) and similar sculptures.

High point of the exhibition was the Icemaiden, the first barebreasted
girl on an AFP-NL meet, leading to such comments as her being "too
coldhearted", "frigid" and "you'll only melt her heart". The usual afp
banter iow.

Arwen was the first to notice the cold and went outside quickly, were
the rest of us rejoined her after a while. Following a quick round
through the rest of the park and the beginning of rain, we started
looking for the pub.

Needless to say, we found it, just as it was really starting to rain. We
quickly went inside and immediately noticed this was a *good* pub for

Why? Because the first thing we were asked was by one of the girls
sitting at the bar if she could borrow my supersoaker. I said yes and
she quickly went off to fill it in and started shooting at her friend.

Who in turn also demanded a supersoaker, but was indignant when he
noticed it was empty...

After that, we quickly settled in and started getting the obligatory
Guinness, Coke and Ciders. Various fluffy toys were brought to light and
quickly claimed by Arwen, the usual candy was passed around and a new
tradition was born...

You see, some time ago I trusted a "friend" who wanted me to buy a book
from him. This was a book written by "Britain's best sf writer"[1] and
was the story of a group of courageous mammoths living in an
inaccessible region of Siberia and their struggle against the evil of

People who've read this should know which book I mean, the rest of you
should treasure your ignorance, which *is* bliss in this case...

So I had a absolutely crap book and nowhere to get rid of it. What
better way to lose it by offering it as a prize for the person making
the worst pun of the evening? fitting "punishment"[2], if I say so

Arwen then came up with the idea to let everybody present sign it, which
we did. Yes, the words "Applied holy match here" are somewhere in the
book now...

Anyway, at around 18:00, the rest of the meet joined us, this being
Kimberley and Jos and slightly later Sindy and Olaf. All of which were
promptly forced to sign the book.

The rest of the evening followed the normal course for a meet: plenty of
geeking on diverse subjects, innuendo, puns, penguining, fondling of
said penguins and more puns.

I also discovered what was inside at least one juggling ball when i
accidently tore it in half: coca^Wflour.  Which inspired Uwe to an
impromptu filk: "If you're going to San Francisco...".

Pretty soon, it was once again time to leave the pub, leaving it sadder
bud weiser.

Losing Kimberley, Jos, who was the happy winner this time, Sindy and
Olaf to go to their homes, the rest of us went to Patrick place, where
we were promptly installed behind the numerous computers located there.

No aftermeet crashing is complete without an IRC session, isn't it? More
people seemed to think so and pretty soon we had three different meets
online at the same time.  Sad? You tell me...

The next morning, after Michel left early to go to work, the poor guy,
we slowly woke up and started breakfast. At the same time Patrick
demanded payment for the use of his house, so we were forced to listen
to his extensive collection of dodgy eighties hits..

Breakfast done and over with, we went to a nearby park, for a combined
hydro weaponry/juggling session.

Various supersoakers and waterpistols were filled and innocent ducks
were mercilessly subjected to streams of water, as was your humble
narrator when he aimed his own gun slightly too fast at Arwen. 

After a while, we went back to Patrick's place, were a second breakfast
was found hanging of his front door, courtesy of Olaf and Sindy, who had
promised to join us, but had arrived too late. The gesture was
appreciated though,

The meet then slowly dwindled down, until the last of us were finally
kicked out around half past two or so.

As always it was fun. 

Martin Wisse
>English is grammatically promiscuous.
I would have said perversely polymorphous.
Teresa Nielsen Hayden & Lucy Kemnitzer, rasfc

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