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Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Amsterdam bookstore meet 24 june
From: (Martin Wisse)
Newsgroups:,, alt.books.pratchett


Amsterdam bookstore meet 24 june 2000

Amsterdam, city of sex, drugs and bookstores. The latter is what will be
the goal of this meet. A tour along the various second hand bookstores
looking for that elusive bargain.

The meet will start around 14:00 at the meeting point in amsterdam
Central Station. When everybody has arrived we will walk towards
Nieuwmarkt and visit the various bookstores there. 

Around 17:00, when the stores will close, we will go for a bite to eat 
in the Thai restaurant located at the Nieuwmarkt. No pub this time,
either irish or English as these will be full of footie fans that day.

Afterwards we'll try to find a nice pub in that neighborhood, which
shouldn't be too difficult.

Crash space is readily available, if you can stand sleeping in a student
flat kitchen. Parking space in front of the flat is free, if you're
coming by car.

Directions on how to get there by car will be available on request.

Sunday there will be time for juggling and fun with supersoakers if the
weather is fine or hanging around the kitchen envying each others
purchases if it isn't.

For more information, mail me at

Martin Wisse

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