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From: (Martin Wisse)
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] "Arwen Does Amsterdam": Amsterdam Bookstore Meet II 16-DEC-2000
Date: 14 Nov 2000 21:46:12 -0000
Message-ID: <>


When young, sweet and innocent Arwen Luné travels to the big city,
Amsterdam, she ends up with the wrong crowd and becomes the victim of a
terrible addiction and ends up a biblio addict.

In other words, we will be having a second Amsterdam Bookstore Meet the
weekend of december 16th, with the added attraction of having Arwen back

with us again. The program will be roughly the same as the first
Bookstore Meet.

We will meet up in the main hall of Amsterdam Central Station at 14:00
and go visit several bookstores plus a variety of other stores of
interest to afpers. My spies have informed me that the second hand,
English language specialist bookstore that was such a hit the previous
meet will be very well stocked for our visit...

After the shopping rounds, we will probably be going to have dinner at
the same Thai restaurant were we ate the previous time, unless I hear
some major complaints. More details nearer to the date. 

For after dinner entertainment there are a few excellent pubs and bars
available, with as main possibilities either a pub specialised in Dutch 
beers, which has an excellent stock or there's L&B's, with its huge
stock of quality whiskies.

Crashspace will be available, but keep in mind it will be in the
(shared) kitchen of a large student's flat. 

As always, I'd appreciate it if people could mail me if they're coming
and if they need crashspace or if they have any questions about the

Now for all the people reading this who haven't been to an Dutch AFP
meet yet, why not come and join us? It's fun and mostly harmless....

Martin "Shopping." Wisse

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