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Leiderdorp: Report

Subject: [F] Leiderdorp Video-Meet v4.0 (build 2001 - A Netherland-Oddity)
From: Uwe Milde <>

Codename for this AFPMeet was "Snowwhite and the Dead". It should become
apparent why...

As an expression of a very ancient tradition (i.e., done more than
twice) a videomeet was held, organised by Grand Master Patrick. The
clickies to be appreciated this time were titled "Johnny and the Dead".
After Wyrd Sisters, Truckers and Soul Music so far the last creation of
moving pictures based on one of Terry Pratchett OBE OFiaH's works.

When the German contingent arrived at Patricks place around 15:20, the
meet was already quorate with Michel and Menno awaiting us. You know you
dropped into a haven of geekdom when you are greeted "Have you a
BNC-cable with you?".
We waited for the other attendees to arrive, Jos finally bringing the
sought for BNC-cable for the webcam. When all apart from Eelco were
there, we set off for the pancake restaurant.

We managed a sharp turn into a side-road to the restaurant just before
we'd have hit a McDrive - which has to be considered very fortunate
(that we didn't visit the McD, of course) - and settled in to look at a
long menu of pancakes. Starters were taken, a wide range of pancakes
(from sweet to spicy) chosen and eaten, accompanied by multiple attempts
at unlicensed vulturing.
Finally Eelco arrived, having just got home from Austria, hitting a
minor snow storm in the NL. He very quickly disposed of his pancake (all
others were done with theirs) and the lot went for desserts.
The usual mix of geeking, discussions and punning happened, heavily
featuring Palms and Visors, as well as cows (each table being equipped
with a cow-shaped call-button for the waiter, one of which (the cows,
that is) was a wire short of a signal).
Then we left the restaurant and found that in the meantime the ground
outside had somehow acquired about 3cm of snow - of the proper condition
to form snow balls. Which was promptly done and kindly distributed among
and above the attendees.

After a slightly slippery travel back to Patrick's place, aquainting
with coffee, (German) beer and other drinks, we watched "Johny and the
The video was entertaining and all in all a good representation of the
story, although it was expressed that it probably ranges behind "Soul
Music" and "Truckers" in that respect.

As the evening was still young, it was decided to watch the Chicken Run
DVD afterwards. Two of us hadn't seen the movie before and at least two
more hadn't seen the original English version. That movie went down very
well, and a couple of the specials on the DVD were also appreciated.
Later a small Discworld-Quiz took place which Labrat won hands down.
Discussions and babbling went until about 5:00am, when the majority
decided sleep was a wise choice.

The next morning (10:30ish) all found their way back there for
breakfast. More talk happened, more geeking happened, posing for the
webcam and hazzling of innocent penguins took place.

Somewhen after 2:00pm the meet was declared to be at an end and visitors
were shooed away. Gladly the majority of snow had decided to
disintegrate into nothing, so driving home didn't present difficulties.

And The Book went to... Martin!

Patrick, Eelco, Jeroen M, Vashti, Menno, Rolf, Jos, Martin, Uwe, Jeroen
B, Michel, Daniel.

Nothing noteworthy was said by anyone but me, and as I am so very
modest, I'll refrain from repeating those here. ;-)
Okay serious, maybe someone has actually made some notes. I'm not one of
those with the palmtop geek-toys, after all. ;->

Some photographs can be found in the usual places [1].


[1] And the sun doesn't shine there, too.

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