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Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] The Eindhoven 14th of April Games meet final details
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 11:10:19 +0100 (WET DST)
Message-ID: <>


The Eindhoven 14th of April Games meet final details

Important change: Gathering time at --< 13:30 >-- at the meeting 
point in the trainstation in Eindhoven.

The meetingpoint is on the south side of the station: If you arrive
by train: go down the stairs and then left. If you see a lot of
busses, there is no meeting point and you are at the wrong side of
the station.

The laserquest reservation is for 14:00 and we will need about 20
minutes to get there. You can calculate for yourself how much you can
be late.

People coming by car: You can either go directly to Eindhoven, or
first come to my place. Let me know what you prefer and I can get you
driving directions.

Since most time will be spend at my place I will need what to get.

Food: This will be a simple pasta meal. It can be served in a veggie
version but if you prefer something a bit more special then "just
leaving the meat out" you can do a suggestion. 2 criteria: it should
be simple and you just volunteered as a cook :)

Drinks: Coke, huge amounts of Coke. I know that. Beer is available in
large quantities of different types. No Guinness, but there ought to
be something there that you should like.

Questions? Remarks? You know the email address.

See you saturday,

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