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From: (Martin Wisse)
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 14:04:20 GMT
Message-ID: <>
Subject: [Benelux-meets][ANNOUNCE][F] "Ulterior Motives": Amsterdam Bookstore Meet III 05-MAY-2001

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Since the previous two Amsterdam
Bookstore meets seem to have been successful, we'll have a rerun.
Unfortunately, there will be some tampering with the format this time.

As always, we'll meet up in the main hall of Amsterdam Central Station
at 14:00 and go visit several bookstores plus a variety of other stores
of interest to afpers. 

In theory at least, in practice we'll mostly end up spending all our
money in Barry's[1] Book Exchange again, just like the previous 2 times.

Afterwards, there's the Oirish pub discovered last time, The Tara,
located at the Rokin where we'll try and move to somewhere between
17:00-17:30. This does a decent style of pub grub, including vegetarian

Crashspace will be available, but keep in mind it will be in the
(shared) kitchen of a large student's flat. 

Just as a reminder, I'd appreciate it if people could mail me if they're
coming, whether they need crashspace or if they have any questions about
the meet.

This concludes the official part of the announce. 

Some of the cloggies may remember Boris Bret, who came to a number of
meets here before he had to move back to France. Well, he's back again
and ready to party. 

And if you remember him, you're sure to remember his unicycle... For 
those who thought: "cool! I want to learn to ride one!" he has a

"I was actually planning to try to consider organizing a meet myself,
'cause I found a good pretext(well, a good pretext for me, maybe not for
all the others, but then I could have tried), being : there is a
unicycle club gathering every sunday morning(Yes I know, that is not the
perfect time, but...) in Maarssen(definitely not the best place
either...) and I wanted to give the opportunity/occasion to fellow
afpers to try the unicycle... Do you think it would be possible to
consider a bookshoop/unicycle meet, or does that make too many pretext
for only one meet?"

Well folks? Are we up to that?

Finally, to all the people reading this who haven't been to an Dutch AFP
meet yet, why not come and join us? It's fun and mostly harmless, as
long as you don't get hit by a crazed unicyclist of course. 

[1] no comment

Martin Wisse

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