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Eindhoven meet: Report

From: Jeroen G. Metselaar <>
Subject: Eindhoven meet June 16, 2001, reality#23653b
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 22:04:08 +0200
Message-ID: <9gj2gr$685cp$>

Meet Report,

It was a dark and rainy day. The clouds swept by on the lead-coloured sky 
as if they were fleeing from something horrible, probebly the weather. As 
the sullen rain drenched the few people venturing outside some people 
gathered in the Trafalgar Pub in Eindhoven. It was yet another afp-meet.

I arrived at the pub together with Kimberley, Eelco (the Organizer), 
Patrick, Uwe and Rolf. At our usual spot we found Menno, Olaf and Cindy. 
When the barmen came with the Guinness the meet could start properly.

Shorly after that we were surprised to see Vashti, an unexpected but very 
welcome addition. Also a very nice surprise was to see Timt and Don Alfonso 
who stayed just long enough for a pint, too bad to couldn't stay longer. 
When later reinier arrived we moved to the table for our meal.

At the table we admired the placemats, printed with a dutch 'Devil's Diary' 
kind of thing. It was entertaining although some of them were a bit too 
obscure for us.

Alas our ploy to lure Merkin girls to the meet by bringing a comfy 
cha^H^H^Hpillow didn't work, but Kimberley managed to impersonize one quite 
well. During the meal Kimberley was attacked by an exploding Tomato ketchup 
sauce making her look like she just axed someone.

When food was finished the placemats were used to create hats, boats and 
planes. Of course German Engineering won with a rather amazingly complex 
and efficient plane. Then Olaf was giving a hat and we sung for his 

It was now that the meet really was gaining momentum with Patrick, Rolf, 
and vashti  geeking bra's in one corner while other people were playing 
with balloon sculptures and juggling happened to outweird the women having 
a hen night on the table next to us. Fights happened with balloon swords, 
parrots were deformed and, well.. it was a Dutch meet. There are no words 

After a while people were leaving and the meet broke up. A small contingent 
crashed ar Eelco's. As usual his parents where very hospitable. The 
provided transport, showers and a very nice breakfast.


Things that were said , might have been said , or were never said at all at 
the meet by the people mentioned, or other people, or nobody at all.

Patrick: Cool, it doesn't work.

Flexor: Beat me, spank me, Windows ME (TM).

timt: I still dream in ALGOL60.

Eelco: Sucking, licking, what is the difference?

Uwe: Is there a reason you are decorating the table with phallic sympols?

Reinier: yes, you have to blow it before.

Jeroen B. to Eelco: We keep up ending at the same position.

Vashti to Eelco: You are hungry, arent't you?

Jeroen "Labrat" G. Metselaar -
AFP-Rodent with ratty and Supermouse
Keeper of the Signed Condoms, He Once Bought an Apple

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