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From: Leo Breebaart <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] MSN European Tour afpmeet -- Sat 18th August, Delft
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 16:54:54 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <>


The weather at the Clarecraft Event may not have been *quite* as hot,
let alone as sizzling, as we may have hoped, but we had fun anyway, and
it's still summer, and there are stories to tell and photos to show, and
afp's Mary Sophia Novak -- she of the fearsome initials (holy horns) --
is getting closer and closer to setting forth on her European journey.

Plenty of reasons, therefore, to look forward to the Marymeet Summermeet
Post-CCDEmeet to be held on Saturday the 18th of August, in Delft, the
Netherlands, for which this is the final announcement.


>From 16:00 onwards, we will gather in Grand Cafe Verderop, Westvest 9 (a
location familiar from many previous Delft afpmeets).

Around 19:00, it's off to the Greek restaurant Athene (Burgwal 14) for

Afterwards, if the weather allows, we'll continue the meet for as long
as we like on one of the terraces on the Beestenmarkt. If the weather
isn't good -- ... but the weather will be good, I'm sure of it.


Please do come in your usual numbers (and as always, meet newbies are
particularly encouraged to delurk), but if you are going to attend and
have not told me about it yet, please do so as soon as possible, so I
can give the restaurant an indication of how many people they should be
expecting. Crash space can also still be arranged -- again, just let me
know if you are in need of any.

Directions to Cafe Verderop:

1. From Delft CS: exit the station, cross the square, bridge and road.
The road is the Westvest. Turn to the left, walk a short way and
Verderop will be on your right hand side. 

2. By car: find the Phoenixstraat on a map, you can park your car there.
Walk towards the station, the Phoenixstraat will eventually become the
Westvest. Verderop will be on your left hand side.

A map of Delft can be found at: <>

My mobile telephone number is available on request.

See you all on Saturday,

- -- 
Leo Breebaart  <>

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