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Leiden meet: Report

From: Arwen Lune <>
Subject: [F] Meetreport Back-log, part I
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 23:27:52 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Leiden, September 29.

Since this meet was in honour of my return to the Netherlands, I 
was volunteered to write the report. 
I warn you, it was made on my psion, which was passed around a bit 
during the meet. This is how there are comments in it that make no 
sense to me, so I shall leave them as an exercise to the reader.

[Yeah, I know it's short - directly after the meet I worked a week 
of gruelling morning shifts and that must have melted my brain]

Meetreport "Welcome back Arwen"

I got to Leiden the usual way - got collected by the Milde Express 
<grin> and the three of us went to Patrick in Leiden. Then, to the 
North End pub, where we met Eelco, Labrat, Flexor, Cindy and Olaf. 
The waiter *and* the waitress were declared to be cute.

People wanted a Tux drawn in their Guinness, so Labrat tests if 
this is possible on his Palm. 
Food happened, on two separate tables. Reinier happened, and jos 
and kimberley announced their arrival.

Waiter promises to try making a Tux into the head of a pint. 
(result: )

There's a competition on who has the most horrible job. Mine ranks 
high, but Jos wins. He had to take the broken breastbones out of 
chicken carcasses.*blegh*

Sadly when we vacated the one half of the pit we were sitting, a 
group came and sat there and started smoking with a vengeance. We 
left for Patrick's place not long after.

We arrived minus Kimberley and Jos,and spent some hours drinking 
'Black Death' (liquorice vodka) and watching DVDs.
'O brother where art thou' and 'Pitch Black', both of which are 
well worth watching.

In the morning we had breakfast and then watched the last part of 
Pitch Black. After that the meet started to dissolve, and the Milde 
Express brought me back home in a swift and pleasant manner that 
didn't involve planes/trains/boats/busses. Thanks guys :-)

The Quotes:

labrat: i'm a rat, i'm supposed to squeak.
flexor: but we're not on squeaking terms... (still owes 20p)

Waiter: [about a man who could juggle eight balls] "He has no 
friends, he just sits indoors playing with his balls"

Eelco: just call the waitress - she's cute

Uwe [to Flexor] Your camera sucks!

Cindy [in conversation with Eelco] Yes, yes!

Uwe: hit me with your rhythm penguin

Labrat: put the Tux in it

Arwen [looking at the two groups] So, are they the elite clique or 
are we?
Labrat: We have the women, so we're the elite clique. They're just 
sad bastards.

Camelus monohumpus vs. Camelus bihumpus


Arwen Lune
"One of the most basic rules for survival on any planet 
is never to upset someone wearing black leather" 
[Terry Pratchett - 'The Last Continent']

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